Yoko Saito

Yoko Saito is a Japanese quilter I also admire. Her work, though completely different from Shizuko Kuroha's, is breathtaking.

I think that what defines it best is her use of taupe fabrics. She does a lot of appliqué and I have discovered throughout the years that she uses a lot of printed fabrics or checked textured fabrics as a background which gives extra dimension to her appliqués.

A class with Yoko Saito is something you can not forget. It goes very fast as all the different techniques are explained and taught. I wish this class could have been a whole week class...

The day began with this kit in front of me.

Then I had to cut some fabric and to start preparing the backgrounds and the templates.

I also noted down all the different instructions (8 pages!!!) and took many photopraphs so that I could remenber everything to finish it off at home.

This is when you see the basket in "real" and very close up that you realize how perfect everything is!!!

This class has been another reason for my being SO happy ;-)

Yoko Saito's house at the exhibition waas stunning! Quiltmania did a wonderful job in the atmosphere created and I also took several close up photos so I can share my admiration for Yoko's quilts with you.

There were also many pouches, bags and accessories on display but being behind a glass photos were not easy to take. So here is the only correct one I have.

Another quilter, another day in paradise...

Until later,


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm suffering from over-exposure to wonderfulness I think... What magnificent quilts!!!

  2. All I can say is lucky lucky you!

  3. Waouh ! quelle joie de participer à ce genre de classes et de pouvoir rencontrer Yoko Saïto. J'admire (le mot est faible) son travail, tout ce qu'elle fait est somptueux. Que de merveilles en photo ! Merci de partager.
    J'ai vraiment hâte de voir ta réalisation... encore une beauté devant laquelle je vais rêver.
    Bisxxx et très belle soirée.

  4. Thank you so much for all those pictures! The work of both Quiltsters are very beautiful. I watched them, closeup, and almost cannot believe all the work that is done. I think they make them all by hand? And there is a lot of embroidery too! I hope I can see them myself one day and hopefully do a workshop given by one of them. You were very lucky to have a chance to have such a wonderful day!

  5. WOW! What a treat you have shared with us -thank you! Angie

  6. Un vrai bonheur que cela à du être de faire un atelier avec Yoko...
    Tu as du te régaler....

  7. What a wonderful opportunity to do a class with Yoko Saito. I like your description of her work, the textured fabrics, backgrounds and applique. No wonder you are SO happy! The photographs you have taken are truly lovely.

  8. I wish I'd been there too. I love all her quilts and her books are wonderful. Lucky you!
    Thanks for all the photos.

  9. the attention to details is breath taking! even in photos you can see it. thanks

  10. I've heard her work with taupe color's world is very popular, not only in Japan, but also in France. I've already given up with hand piecing and quilting long long time ago, but as seeing her work every once in awhile, it makes me to feel like to try again.

  11. Bravo David pour tous ces différents reportages Nantais..
    Tout comme vous, j'ai été enchantée de ces stages avec ces 2 japonaises adorables et de plus suis ravie d'avoir pu y faire votre connaissance ..
    Rentrée depuis dimanche soir à la maison, je suis redescendue de mon petit nuage..
    Et je compte bien terminer ces superbes ouvrages dès que les 4 derniers quilts commencés avec l'aide de mes amies pour l'opération Solidarité Japon lancée par Quiltmania seront achevés.

  12. Quel beau reportage sur le salon de Nantes ! Merci beaucoup David de nous faire partager ces merveilles ( Jan Patek, Bonnie Sullivan,Lynette Anderson, Yoko Saïto,...)
    Et bien belle la nouvelle " image" de votre blog !! amicalement Cat

  13. This basket is just FABULOUS !!!
    J'ai vu celui de cécile terminé vendredi et c'est magnifique !!! tu vas te régaler à le faire....

  14. Does Yoko have a website? We would like to see if she can come and teach a workshop at Madeline Island School of the Arts.


    1. This is Yoko Saito's international website


  15. Hi David
    I confess that I am starting to quilt and I have only the books lessons from Yoko, and this post is wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  16. Hello David
    I confess that I am starting to quilt and I have only the books lessons from Yoko, and this post is wonderful, thanks for sharing!!


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