Pure and Simple by Maggie Bonanomi

A new book by Maggie Bonanomi is always something to look forward to.

I discovered Maggie's creations a long time ago and her style, simplicity and authentic creations have always touched my heart.

I met Maggie once in a class in France and made the peapod pincushion. It has been on my blog banner ever since and I can assure you that I have received hundreds of emails asking me about it... which means that I am not the only one touched by Maggie's creations.

Her new book do not disappoint and the title sums it up : pure and simple.

In this book, Maggie offers projects of all sizes and for every season and festivity.

There is something for everyone and there are some cute smalls that are perfect for a present, but you may end up making them twice as there are SO cute you might want one for you too ;-) I think it won't be long before I start making the Radish Scissors Pocket.

The Step Into My Garden table runner is another project I want to make! But, to tell you the truth, the more I browse through the book, the more I find another project I want to make.

Maggie has included many tips such as how to piece the wool background or how to work with teeny tiny wool pieces and how to work with very narrow stems, to name just a few. She also gives us hints on how to find your own "wool voice" and how adapt the project and make it your own creative piece.

If like me, you love Maggie's wool creations and have her other books, then this one will be a nice addition to your collection and you will have 17 new projects to warm your home.

If you do not know Maggie yet - is that possible? - well, this book will introduce you to her beautiful wool world.

By now you probably want it right away! ... But you will have to wait just a little bit because the book is available in early May... just enough time to stack up on some beautiful wools. Some shops have it available for pre-order though ;-)

FYI, I have not been paid for writing this book review and have no professional connections to Martingale publications. But I graciously accepted to do it, because I truly LOVE Maggie's work and she has inspired me for many years and still does :-)  I am happy to write about the artists I admire.

For more photos, you can go here ;-)

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  1. I love Maggie too! I have never had the opportunity to meet her but would be thrilled to do so. I have seen pictures of her home and it reflects her style and taste too!

  2. I’ve made quite a few things from Maggie’s books. This one looks wonderful.

  3. Book review--I was wondering how you had a copy of the book. I am anxiously awaiting my copy--it was preordered months ago.

  4. Je ne suis pas vraiment attirée par la laine mais je reconnais que ses créations sont très belles ! Amuse-toi bien !

  5. Thank you for sharing ~ it's always good to hear about new books coming onto the market. And I too, can see so many projects that I like!

  6. That book looks lovely, there are some great projects in it.

    Congratulations on finishing your quilt, it's stunning

  7. Que trabajos más bonitos!!! Me encantan sus diseños.
    Feliz semana ... Besos, Paqui :)

  8. I’ve made quite a few things from Maggie’s books. This one looks wonderful.
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