Time for the flowers to bloom.

Time is something that has really upset me for a while. Time flies at certain periods and  sometimes it just seem that it never ends. What's more is that the older I grow the faster time flies!

It's all a question of perception though as a second, a minute, an hour, a week or a month lasts exactly the same... I know!

What I find fabulous in having a long summer break is that I have plenty of time ahead of me and that often leads me to many places I had no plan to go to. I often let my mind drift away, thinking about my life, my family, my friends, what is really important, what matters most... and the glimpses of personal truth I get are enlightening.

This summer is no exception and has been even exceptional in many ways! I have tried to relax, to take time with my wife and beautiful daughters -how they have grown.... still can't believe it as they were toddlers not so long ago- , take time to stitch, time to read, to talk to my neighbors, to have friends, colleagues, cousins, aunt and uncle over for a BBQ party. We have had many delightful evenings. We also met friends from Burgundy and Switzerland on the Meditteranean coast. We visited Barcelona, a city not very far from my vacation place but I had not find time to visit it before...
I even had the visit of a stitching friend who came for a day with her husband... I'm sure you probably know what we talked about!!!


And guess what ? Every single, simple, small gathering was filled with laughters, shared memories, good food, good wine and most of all, love and friendship... Blissful... Eternal... new memories are being made all summer long...

 This time, I have been able, more than ever before, to focus on the here and now, to rejoice in the company of the people I was with... Time is not so much important when you fill it with intensity and accept with humility the passing of it.

And that's not all!  I resumed running again on a more regular basis, going out four times a week for an hour or an hour  a half. Running in the countryside early in the morning or late in the evening  is fantastic... rarely do I have time to enjoy the beautiful golden hours. Lights are incredible, and it's like discovering my own surroundings with a new eye. I had no other choice though as it is way too hot to run at any other time of the day!

This has been a summer of renewal, and I still move slowly to the end of it, knowing perfectly well that the end of it means the beginning of a new school year, full of challenges and promises, and that the blooming flowers that have filled my summer both in my heart or on my piece of linen will last forever...

... and the stitching goes on with part 2 of the Stitch Me Club.


 Last thing I wanted to share with you is the magazine Kinfolk which is truly inspiring! I guess it perfectly fits in my state of mind these days. I have read, and read again the articles and have admired the beautiful photos.

Until later,


  1. A lovely post David, you truly spoke about what is really important in life, every day experiences. Your daughters are beautiful young girls, time does fly, I can't believe Hannah is already 15!! My life motto is find happiness, a laugh, love and kindness in each and every day, no matter how challenging the situation is. All the very best to you and your precious family, Ann.

  2. Enjoying yourself is what life is all about, yes time does fly and sometimes too fast:)
    You have lovely daughters David, must indeed be a shock to see them grow up so fast, your treasures I am sure.
    Enjoy the rest of summer, something I love now we finally experience the sun in rainy Britain.
    Will have a look at the magazine too.

  3. Mais oui, le temps passe plus vite quand on le trouve plus précieux... Il faut veiller à remplir notre vie de beaux moments, comme tu sembles savoir si bien le faire. Quel bel article David !

  4. Sounds like a perfect laid back summer & your daughters are lovely.

    I've been tempted by that magazine for a while, I'll have to pick up a copy next time I see it.

  5. A la fin du printemps, butinant d'un blog à un autre, regardant les photos sans m'attarder sur les écrits, je suis arrivée par bonheur sur le vôtre qui m'a immédiatement séduite et que j'ai dévoré in extenso.
    Je m'y suis attardée longuement, heureuse d'y lire du "bon Anglais" et tout autant charmée par le raffinement qui émane de vos articles si soignés, et vos ouvrages délicats.
    Je vous dois un grand merci pour le plaisir que je prends à vous lire et que je tenais à exprimer pour ne pas être qu'une "voyeuse".

  6. You have beautiful daughters and an inspiring life! I look forward to each and every post. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts......

  7. I never understood my Grandmother, when she would say, "time goes faster as one gets older", now I understand!
    And trying to understand how our children become young adults 'overnight'!
    Your daughters are gorgeous! Enjoy the rest of your Summer holidays.

  8. Moi aussi je prends le temps de profiter de ma famille et de mes deux filles entre les ballades en bateaux sur les cotes espagnoles..
    Pas de petites croix mais quelques exagones miniatures...
    Toujours un plaisir de découvrir n de vos articles et bravo pour les photos..

  9. C'est certain nous avons passé une très agréable journée, trop courte bien sûr ! Embrasse les femmes de la maison pour nous. Tes filles sont vraiment ravissantes.

  10. Tout est dit et de quelle façon! Je me retrouve tellement dans tes propos... merci pour ce moment suspendu.
    Tes filles sont superbes et ce qu'elles sont, se lit dans leurs regards. Je comprend que tu en sois fier.

  11. Très bel article, très poétique par moment, à la fois mélancolique et porteur d'espoir. Oui le temps file et nos enfants grandissent toujours trop vite à notre goût, je le vois bien avec mes fils. Tes filles sont presque adultes, tes relations avec elles évoluent mais resteront fortes jr n'en doute pas. L'éducation, les valeurs que vous leur avez inculquées, les voyages, les expériences, les chagrins aussi peut-être que vous avez partagés vous soudent au delà de leur enfance. Myriam R

  12. Your daughters are beautiful David. Sounds that you have had a wonderful time. I like to see your pictures.

  13. Lovely post, great to read you are enjoying the summer so much and it has given you such lovely memories and insights. I admire you for running the way you do.Keep up the good work!

  14. lovely family and places. I'm happy this summer treated you well.
    I'm enjoying At low tide too. teaches a lot of patience, all that over one on 32ct. ;)
    I checked the magazine, great pictures. thanks for sharing.
    hugs and happy xxx,

  15. It is lovely to read of your happy summer time, to see the beautiful pictures, and almost feel the beauty of the countryside that you are running in.


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