Summer parties and Stacy Nash's new book.

Summer seems to be finally here and with this nice weather the BBQ parties have begun. Last weekend, we had invited friends of ours for our first BBQ lunch outside. We usuallly have lunch outside in May and sometimes earlier but this year the weather was terrible!!!

Like us, they are very much into fresh organic and homemade type of dishes. They came over with a fantastic raspberry tart they had made with the raspberries they had picked up in their garden in the morning. It was beautiful and delicious. We had prepared roasted spring vegetables and barbecued curry pork skewers.

It was so nice to spend the afternoon with friends, talking about this and that while the kids were running around asking my daughters to play ball or badminton with them.

Tonight again, we have a pot-luck BBQ party with colleagues. We will be 15 and we'll celebrate the beginning of the summer break and talk a bit about next year's projects... that's inevitable!!! It's going to be fun.

About my quilting and stitching news now!

As I told you I work on one project at a time now!!

 I am not very far from finishing The Basket top. A few more yoyos to make and stitch to the top, then, embrodering the little twigs and I'm done. Which means that I will have four quilts to hand quilt!!!

As this is summer time, I will spend my mornings in the garden, the afternoons either on a quilt top assembly or on a cross-stitch project and the evenings hand-quilting.... when I'm home of course!  I will spend a few weeks on the Meditteranean coast and another week on the ocean coast this summer. But I will bring along one or two cross-stitching projects with me ;-)

As you may have noticed on the right hand-side bar, I will stitch the new project by L'Atelier Perdu. It is sure to be a gem once again!

Today, I received Stacy Nash's first book! You may remember that I got this fabulous pinkeep and carrots as a present a few years ago. So this is not new that I like Stacy's creations very much!

 Her book is splendid ;-) It is entitled My Name Is Lidya and is published by Kansas City Star.


Well, it looks like a good start to a fun and creative summer filled with friendship and happiness.

Until later,


  1. Have a wonderful fun filled creative summer David. BBQ's with quilts and cross-stitch - sounds like HEAVEN! Enjoy, and I shall look forward to seeing the always inspirational results x

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic summer David...please send some sunshine up north..

  3. Hi David ! Feels like summer is here :-) May I come over for a BBQ too ??
    Enjoy your friends, your family, your summer, your stitching, your quilting,... !!! Great post to celebrate the arrival of summer :-)

  4. Enjoy your new projects - looking forward to pictures :-)

  5. Your table is looking good, nothing better than organic home cooked food:))
    Yes one project, send me the rules haha. Stacy's book looks fabulous!
    Have a wonderful BBQ;)

  6. Je vois qu'un été tout en douceur est entrain de se préparer pour toi et ta petite famille......Tu as vien raison de profiter des petits plaisirs simple comme un bon BBQ entre amis, le jardinage......
    Alors toi aussi tu as craqué pour le nouveau projet de Natalie....J'ai hâte de recevoir ma première enveloppe......Mais en attendant je vais continuer mon quilt "Campagne Française".....

  7. Sounds like you are really enjoying the summer with those bbq's. Can't wait to see Stacy's book, love her work, enjoy!

  8. Une chance de pouvoir manger et recevoir dehors ce qui n est pas le cas ici dans le pas de Calais, nous espérons pour le week end. Jolis projets en perspectives et beaucoup de quilting. Profitez de vos vacances

  9. Really love the drumkeep!!!!! Too cute :-).

  10. Your barbeque sounded wonderful. Enjoy your summer break

  11. Enjoy your summer! And all the lovely food.... and the book!

  12. Cette photo est très belle, la table est joliment dressée.
    La tarte a l'air succulente et les petits légumes grillés semblent bien appétissants !
    Bonnes vacances au soleil.

  13. I love your pinkeep! But then I love anything with old 1800 or 1700's dates on them : )


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