A new project.

A while ago, I told you that in May or June I would be ready to share with you a project I started in November.

Well, here it is :

This project is The Basket, a creation of Nathalie Méance, also know as La Fée Pirouette. It is published in her new book. (click on the picture of the book to flip through the  projects in it)

I started this project during one of the most wonderful weekend on the ocean coast, with the most wonderful people.

 Gathering with like-minded people, sharing the same passion, learning new techniques, breaks the routine of stitching and quilting alone at home.

It was so great that another weekend retreat was organized two weeks ago with Cécile Franconie from Facile Cécile. You can have a glimpse of it here ;-)

So....what's left to be done on the basket ? Not much as far as the embroidery is concerned. Just a few beads to add. Then I will start piecing the top this afternoon which shouldn't be too long. But the yoyos will take some time.... well, I'd better go and work on the quilt now, as I told La Blonde that I will have finished it before going on vacation this summer.

Mrs Jeux De Fils is the first in the group to have  finished the project... a while ago... and OMG!!! this is beautiful!

PS : You may have noticed that I activated the code for comments again. I do know this is annoying, but I had so many spams to delete each day that I turned it on again. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Edit : No more codes to avoid the "don't-want-to-spend-too-much-time-trying-to-figure-out-what-this-damn-code-is"!!! but have not allowed anonymous comments instead. Hope this is going to be the best solution, both for you and me ;-)

Until later,


  1. Wow David, this has taken you to another level! I have always admired this kind of needlework, look forward to your progress;)
    Have a great weekend-)

  2. So nice. You are a "Champion"....

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the whole project.

  4. Gorgeous! I was having alot of spam comments and I just set my settings to not allow anonymous comments and haven't had any since. You might try that sometime because I know those codes can be hard to figure out, there have been times where I've tried 2 o 3 times before I get them right. It's just a bummer that we have to deal spam!

    1. Thanks for the tip. I have just changed the settings following your recommendation as I do know that those codes can be a nightmare... and I love reading comments from people stopping by.

  5. What a beautiful project! I agree, it's always great to get away somewhere with fellow crafters :-)

  6. Beautiful embroidery on the quilt. I can imagine it must have been a very nice project to do. I looked at the links you made. The book is very nice and her designs are really different. Isn't it very difficult all the dense embroidery? I think it is made with ribbons too isn't it?

  7. What a beautiful project... I am also very admirative of Nathalie's pattern...

  8. This is lovely, such special techniques. Such beautiful needlework. Another one of those wonderful Quilt Mania books...? It is turning into quite a QM library, isn't it? Love to see the rest, enjoy!

  9. Quel joli projet , je me suis offert le livre de Nathalie, j aime particulièrement ce panier et la toile de fond qui ressemble a une toile a 'matelas'. Belle avancée et ce devait être un week end merveilleux avec de telles invitées..
    Belle avancée

  10. Youpiiii! Je vais bientôt le voir fini...May be before mine ;-)

  11. Hi David, I saw the finished project, what a beauty! Your needlework looks very beautiful!
    I love this technique too and i hope to see your finish soon!

    Have a nice weekend, Evelyne

  12. Ben on va attendre alors....
    Bon week end!

  13. Quel beau projet ! Chapeau bas, tu as vraiment beaucoup de talents...
    Bisxxx et doux week-end.

  14. c'est absolument merveilleux ! bravo bisous bisous

  15. C'est un merveilleux projet que ce panier de dame lé Fée Pirouette.....J'ai craqué pour le livre et j'attends patiemment SMAM pour craquer sur le kit.....
    Encore Bravo david pour cette merveilleuse broderie...Aller zou maintenant aux yoyo.
    Douce soirée.

  16. Ce nouveau projet est une vraie petite merveille David.....Je me suis offert le livre de le Fée Pirouette et j'attends patiemment SMAM pour craquer sur le kit de ce panier.
    Encore bravo David pour cette partie broderie.
    Aller zou maintenant vite, vite les yoyo.
    Douce soirée.

  17. It is lovely to catch up with all your beautiful projects David. Enjoy your summer holidays. Lovely pictures. Ann


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