The tree of happiness and laughter

 I had told myself that I would not start a new BOM this year... but I have been looking at this block now and then and I kept telling myself... why not ?

How can you resist stitching these Sue and Billy characters!!! It was the first time for me though!


When I think about it, the reason why I like this block so much is that I love every single design with a tree of life... don't know why... and this block is a kind of tree of life!  That's why I have decided to entitle it "The Tree of Happiness and Laughter".

Another reason for stitching this block is that Reiko Kato, the designer of this BOM published this year in Quiltmania magazine, is a very nice person who creates very charming quilts and quilted objects and she is very creative in the way she finishes them. I have attended several classes with her and she has taught me how to appliqué tiny pieces nicely and how to finish a purse, basket or house box perfectly.

So here I am, with block one completely done ;-) Stitching it has been a real pleasure.


One project at a time - or one block at a time works fine for me.

Now that this block is finished, I can work on another part of a different project.

It seems like 2013 is going to be a great stitching, and quilting year with several finishes.

Thank you all for stopping by, leaving a comment when you feel like it and welcome to the new followers ;-)

Until later,


  1. Hello ! I discovered your blog a few days ago...And I like your work very much,although, I never feel being at the good place when I am sewing a traditional quilt... (except, may be , when I am with a Crazy quilt )

    your work is poetic !

  2. Oh, David, your version of he mystery is so cute!

    I've been trying to hold off, though I have the pattern, but all my stitching friends are having so much fun with this!

    Noticed you also signed up for Quilt Me Club 2013. Looking forward to seeing your version.

    Happy stitching.

  3. Love it. I find it hard to resist new projects.
    I said this was to be the year for finishing what I have. That resolve lasted until this week when I signed up for monthly shipments of some counted thread ornaments with sheep.(Little House-sheep virtues.) I always look forward to seeing your projects.

  4. C'est très beau, David !!

    Découvrir ton bloc me ferait presque changer d'avis. Je ne voulais pas me lancer dans ce BOM, mais là... arg. Il va falloir que je résiste !

  5. Quel travail magnifique, vraiment c'est tres beau. Je l'ai vu dans le Quiltmania. J'ai decouvert votre blog depuis peu et un travail à la fois là aussi bravo car j'avoue etre un peu à l'opposé mais quand un travail s'acheve c'est aussi un grand bonheur. Bonne continuation à vous. Nath

  6. The dolls are endearing David, as long as you'e having fun!
    Have a good week!

  7. Oh, I know, I know, we always promise ourselves we will not start another one of this... or another one of that.... and then we give in! And we enjoy every minute of it! Your work looks beautiful as usual. I followed a class by Reiko Kato at Petra Prins' shop last year, Reiko si such a lovely, soft spoken person, but still those tiny little pieces...

  8. This beautiful block is so 'you' David, you have an amazing talent especially in creating Reiko's designs. Well done, Ann.

  9. Great job, David, I was sure that you will stitch it from the first moment I saw the magazine :-))I am still resisting - too much unfinished quilting for the beginner.

  10. Ooooooh il me tente bien ce BOM, pour le moment je résiste, mais quand je vois ton ne sais pas si je vais tenir :)

  11. Bravo David pour ce super début pour ce Quilt. Et oui j'ai aussi craqué dessus et je vois que tu as pris aussi le kit....Il me reste encore de petites sue à faire et mon premier bloc sera fini.....Comme cela je pourrai commencer aussi la première partie du quilt 2013 "Campagne Française" de nataliejo...
    Encore bravo pour ton travail si minutieux...

  12. Nice block gives a sense of fun :)
    Love it!

  13. I like this pattern too. Normally I don't think every Sue b. pattern is nice but she makes them just right an you can almost imagine that the little figures are having fun.
    Must have been a privile to have done her workshops. I saw her beautiful work last year in Nantes.

  14. C'est adorable, j'aime beaucoup.
    Quel beau travail ! Beaucoup de pièces...

    Ce nouveau rendez-vous avec Quiltmania et Reiko Kato est très tentant.
    J'hésite moi aussi, j'attends de voir le deuxième bloc avant de commencer.

  15. I enjoyed the 2012 BOM but I'm not so keen on the little people. I was never a Holly Hobby fan. I'll watch your progress through the year instead.

  16. Ce premier blog est très joli! j'aimerais le faire, mais je ne sais pas si.. j'ai déjà tellement de 'retard' pour l'instant! Je suis pire que la torture.. elle, elle s'est déjà mise en route! Bonne journée et encore une fois joli travail.

  17. Voilà un nouveau projet qui démarre bien chez vous... Qu il est adorable avec tous ces enfants.. Les classes avec reiko Kato doivent être un plaisir, bravo et bonnes continuations dans vos projets, que je suivrai avec grand plaisir
    Douce journée

  18. How cute an Applique!!
    I'm very looking forward to seeing when you complete this lovely quilt!! :))

  19. Super sympa ce bloc avec tous ses petits personnages Sue & Billy. Et les tissus choisis... J'adore !

  20. This is so pretty - and you've chosen the perfect name for it.

  21. J'ai plaisir à venir chez toi admirer tes nombreuses réalisations japonaises. Ces ouvrages demandent beaucoup de dextérité .... et tu y arrives parfaitement .
    J'avoue que tu me ferais presque essayer :-)

  22. Wow, impressive work ! Well done, David. You amaze me each time ! So many details in so little time, keep up the good work :-)

  23. C'est adorable David et quelle finesse dans le travail!
    Bravo aussi pour le QMC ,il est très réussi! :-)
    A bientôt

  24. You're right, Why not?
    Heureusement pour nous que tu n'as pas résisté, nous n'aurions pas pu admirer this"tree of Happiness and laughter". Ai-je besoin de dire que j'adore? Mille bravo David, ton travail me ravit à chaque fois... et me rend un peu jalouse aussi, je l'avoue! ;-)

  25. Ce premier bloc est très mignon, les tissus sont superbes!

  26. Quel joli travail ! Tout en finesse, ce bloc est magnifique ! J'étais aussi tentée mais j'ai tellement d'encours... Grâce à Nathalie nous découvrons de nouveaux univers, c'est super ! à bientôt.

  27. C'est adorable, David ! Tout en délicatesse, j'aime vraiment beaucoup !

  28. I am so in love with this BOM! I wonder if you could tell me which magazine issues have the patterns so I can see if I can order the back issues? You've done a marvelous job with this block - the details stitched in are really lovely.


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