Homemade gluten-free apple tart with ginger, lemon and hazelnut

Because it is nice to enjoy life with good healthy and fresh food, I have just baked an apple tart following a recipe from the book La Tartine Gourmande.

I have also enjoyed the little "mise en scène" for the photo shoot with props taken directly in my garden ;-)

Yummy and enough to give me strength for the rest of the renovation ;-)


I'm happy to stop by to say "hi" to all of you and as  a treat, here is a corner of my workshop which is now just waiting for me to have some free time ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend  wherever you are,

 PS : I guess you have understood that it is hard for me to stay away from my blog ....

Until later,


  1. I wish you a nice time in your corner!
    I see that it is waiting for you!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful week-end to!!


  2. I'll be right over! Any pieces left yet?

  3. I love your needlework.
    Moreover, your photograph is also great!! :))

  4. Hello David! Your tart looks so yummy! By me, it's gluten free every day...
    And you are a great photographer!
    Bon courage pour la suite des travaux. bon WE

  5. Your apple tart looks delicious! Love the corner of your working area, the paint colour is gorgeous! Great photography David, really nice and well done to you.

  6. Well, it's hard to stay away from your blog anyway :-) It's good to see new pictures! Nice little corner you have, I loved the lamp - it's gorgeous!

  7. Rhhaaa, great ! I do not like it when your blog is not updated ;-)
    Gorgeous pictures, love them !! got ants in my pants to see more of your crafting studio !!!!!

  8. Une tarte bien appétissante à regarder....avant d'aller fermer les yeux sur de beaux rêves.
    Très belle nuit :)

  9. I just found your beautiful blog and have really enjoyed looking thru it at some of your lovely photos and projects (love the little quilted house).

  10. David je sais que tu préfères écrire en anglais , mais quel dommage pour moi qui pratique très mal cette langue !! Pourtant je t'assure je fait beaucoup d effort ..

  11. The tart sounds lovely and the corner of your studio looks gorgeous

  12. Your blog is lovely!!...
    Im new follower!

  13. Oh, that tarte looks wonderful. Just like something out of a cooking magazine. I bet that it tasted wonderful as well.


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