#21 Summer blog vacation

Hello everyone,

I first wanted to thank you for all your kind comments on my summer photos. It was nice to read them. It was a fun break from the renovation work.

As far as the renovation is concerned, I knew it would be A LOT OF work.... and I haven't been disappointed ;-)

I still have three weeks of hard work and then some finishing touches here and there when the joiner will have finished his part.

So far, I am very happy with how it turns out... though there have been some problems with the windows.  It is going to be fixed but it delays a bit the finishing time.

The good news, though is that my office/ workshop is completely finished and I will put everything back into place on Sunday. All my quilting and stitching stuff will come back to life again! Yipee!!!!

I will work a lot to finish what I have to finish before August 20th so that I have 10 days to prepare my next school year. That's why I put the blog on vacation this month and will be back in September.

Thanks again for stopping by, leaving a comment. Happy quilting and stitching to you all.

Until later,


  1. Hello David,

    Your summer photo game/communication way was the one of the cleverest things in blog land ever!

    I enjoyed too much to be part of it!

    I wish you a great weekend and a month for fixing everything smoothly :)

    Greetings from the city where two continents meet:))

  2. Merci à toi David pour toutes ces jolies photos estivales..... Oh que tu vas apprécier ton nouvel atelier...... enfin quand tu en auras le temps après cette nouvelle rentrée... oui c'est dingue mais effectivement dès le 20 août il faut se remettre au boulot, en secret et tout seul.... mais quel soulagement en cours d'année d'avoir bien tout préparé..... bizzzzz

  3. yep, this diary in pictures has been pretty witty.. loved them all..
    and they actually made my working days a little better.. kept on looking at some thinking.. I'll do the same next summer.. I'll do the same!! :D
    all your quilting supplies will be so happy of getting out of the boxes.. no doubt about that! :D

    enjoy the rest of the summer.. ciao!

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  5. Well done so far David! I know all about renovations and it's hard work! Yes the workshop is so important:)
    Happy weekend;)

  6. Enjoy your new office! I hope the rest of tne renovation goes through ok.

  7. It must be fantastic feeling of having your office back in business with all the fun stuff you've putted away for awhile! Good for you :D Enjoy the rest of your vacation and see you again next month! PS: Whatever you're working on now in the last picture is looking very tempting...

  8. Enjoy your new office David and good luck with the completion of your renovations. Please let us know what project the last photo is about? It is very tempting, beautiful threads, love it :-) Enjoy the remainder of your summer and your working break!

  9. I'm very looking forward to seeing your work of beautiful thread.
    May your vacation be wonderful!
    It is very burning hot in the summer vacation of Japan!

  10. Merci à toi, David ! Ces photos de vacances, je les ai beaucoup aimées. C'était une belle idée de partage !
    Vivement les prochains congés ! ;-)

  11. I enjoyed looking at all your photos David. I’m actually pleased that you shared it with us. :) Thank you. Anyway, Congratulations on finishing your office/workshop! I’m sure your students are enjoying learning from you. As for your home renovation, I hope you were able to resolve your problems with your windows. So, how was the summer renovation? Can we see some photos of it?

    Alejandra Hutchcraft


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