#14 Summer evening


  1. Since it published, there is no comment on your today's post. So, I allow myself to write something on it!

    For me, summer evenings represent middle ages of our lives.

    Let me express what I generally thought when I saw the pictures -including today's- you shared!

    After calculation of your life till now; "no matter how fragile our lives are" you have seen many accomplishments and satisfaction within yours you led!

    So, those made you a happy and grateful guy! Therefore, you shared those pictures as the symbols of your thankfulness, in order to -may be- make us as happy as you!

    If it is so, I enjoyed with your sharing from the day of becoming your follower! You made me thinking about mine so far:))

    Greetings from Istanbul,

  2. Thank you VERY much for your comment Nurdan.
    I decided to post photos and no text this summer for several reasons.
    First, I have no time for anything besides working on the renovation so that was an easy way to keep in touch with all of you.
    Secondly, I thought that photos are a great way to communicate your feelings and emotions... and each person can imagine what he/she wants... my life, emotions, vision of life, way of life. None of these speculations are probably true and yet most of them are probably close to reality. I have to admit that I am re-reading my life through these photos ;-)
    Last but not least, I bought a new camera last Christmas (Thank you Lucy for your help in guiding me for choosing one) and I am learning this new art form. I am also attending a seven-month online class in photography which is FABULOUS! But the results won't show soon. These things take time. But photography is the vector to my stitching and quilting passion, that's why I want to improve my skills in order to do justice to all the pieces I make.

    Bloggers have filled my life with beauty and many of them have taught me to see beauty in every single object that surrounds me.
    I am trying to take photos of instants and objects meaningful to me. They may mean something totally different to another person but it is not important. What really counts is that the photos give pleasure and help us open our eyes to our surroundings.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting ;-)

  3. I, too, have been enjoying your photos, they have been great. I especially liked this one because I have these same crocks and have never thought of displaying them, so you have given me more than one inspiration this summer.

  4. Lovely comments for you David and a thoughtful encouraging reply. It is amazing that when we, as in all of us, look at a photo, it brings out our own emotions and thoughts which as you say could be totally correct or not. Good luck with your online course, I would definitely say you can already see the results :-)


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