Thistlewood's Carry-All

This is going to be the last post about Thistlewood. I do not want you to get tired of it.

Thistlewood needed its own carry bag, don't you think ? Well, Jackie thought it needed it and created a Thistlewood carry-all bag.

It started with some plain silk fabric that needed some embellishment for texture.

How does it look ? Great, hey ??

Now some hand dyed ribbon...

And after a few hours (quite a few actually!!!LOL!), that's what I got :

With inside four- storage spaces to carry my stitching threads along.

It is a cherished project and one more antique-of-the-future heirloom in my collection which I will cherish for years to come.

I want to thank you all for your extraordinary comments on my last post. I tried to reply as I had some free time being on vacation.

I, unfortunately, won't be able to do so now as I resume work on Monday but be assured that I read all your comments and like them a lot.

Until later,


  1. Wahou c'est vraiment ravissant !!! Bravo !

  2. What a great addition to the project, and perfectly executed - well done, David!

  3. Wow that really finishes it off, absolutely stunning David, congratulations, Jackie is proud of you, I know!!

  4. Again just beautiful David. Congrats on your finish.

  5. Excellent complement to Thistlewood!! And what an exquisite finishing job :o)

  6. A perfect addition to the project. Well done!

  7. Je pense que Jacky a eu vraiment raison de proposer la réalisation d'un sac de transport afin de rejoindre tous les beaux objets de ton "Thistlewood". L'ensemble est ravissant. Mes félicitations les plus sincères.

  8. Oh !! David, cette pochette qui complète ton set est vraiment ravissante et tu l'as faite si joliment : j'adore !!! et je crois ,en effet, que tu la regarderas toujours avec bonheur :-)
    Ce qui est génial, lorsqu'on a fini un si bel ensemble, c'est qu'on ne se lasse pas de l'admirer par la suite : encore mille bravos à toi :-))
    Très belle soirée,

  9. This is such beautiful delicate work David, well done. It certainly will be a heirloom and something you can be very proud of. Congratulations!

  10. Bonjour David
    Cette pochette est superbe ,très raffinée !
    Et avec ces 4 pochettes ... rangement assuré !
    Pour le Salon de Pexiora , j'y vais le Vendredi matin . Ce dernier WE de vacances est très chargé ! Mais je suis sure de vraiment encore apprécier cette 3 ième édition . De plus voir Marie et son beau stand est un plaisir à lui seul !
    Bon WE

  11. We would never tire of Thistlewood. It is lovely and shows your work to advantage.


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