last day...

... of summer break.

It is not fall yet! The days are still warm and sunny though shorter and cooler in the evening. The leaves of the maple tree start turning yellow and red while other plants are still in full bloom.

Tomorrow is back-to-school day for teachers in France and on Monday students will be back to school also.

I have enjoyed my summer break a lot. It was a peaceful and relaxing time when you know that you have plenty of time to do what you want to do. Yet, I didn't do all that was on my to-do list! But who cares. The feeling of a long stretch of time ahead of you was enough to make me happy.

Time to read, stitch, quilt. Time to have breakfast on the terrace in the morning. Time to have tea and biscuits in the afternoon. Time to be with your family and friends. I have enjoyed it all.

Now, a new school year will begin. I like this period, too! A new beginning, new projects, a whole year ahead of you to make your dreams come true : see all the students willing to study and getting excellent grades at their exams!!!!! Well, that's another story but I'll do my best to help them.

On a personal level, it's also a time for decisions and new organization. Don't worry I haven't decided to quit stitching or quilting!!! This year I will continue stitching and quilting all the projects I have in my stash as well as those I will discover and that are not in my to-do list yet, but will be for sure!!!! There are always new projects you cannot not stitch or quilt, aren't they?
Sure I'm not alone here, am I ?

There are three projects that are not finished yet, but will be soon.

First, the summery quilt for my daughter. Not long to go now. She's been waiting for this quilt for more than three years!!! I know, it's a shame...

Second, the Yoko Saito's pouch. I still need to quilt the two faces and finish it.

Finally, the Stitch Me Club project. I have to finish part 3 plus the bonus part.

No dates, no plans as my very first priority is now my job. But with a bit of stitching or a bit of quilting in the evening, I should finish them before Christmas!!! Or so I hope!!!LOL

To thank you in advance for your patience, here's another tiny small that goes with the Lady Jane Garden Project by Jackie Du Plessis. This is the last accessory of this project.

Until later,


  1. Bonne rentrée... et bon courage... pour moi le retour devant les élèves a eu lieu aujourd'hui.... on est vite dans le bain ! Le plus dur est fait ! hi hi hi !

  2. What a refreshing post, David - good for this still very warm Italian evening. We're not losing the heat yet, but we are losing the light very fast - I wish it were the other way round :-) Still, autumn will be here before we know it.

  3. A lovely post David and what a beautiful photo. For us Spring is here and our long Summer break is in late December/January. All the best with your students, I hope they appreciate the dedicated teacher they have! Yes, we all have projects on our to do list and ones to complete. The joy is the pleasure in creating and learning at the same time. No time pressure!! Take care, Ann

  4. love your blogs and hopefully you will find some time to keep us up to date on all your adventures this fall and winter. good luck with the new school year.

  5. Rebecca of the stitched sampler.blogspotSeptember 2, 2011 at 6:30 AM

    I know you will make the most of the school year. Your summer projects have been fabulous. You are a beautiful stitcher and quilter.
    I am right there with you on the whole school/summer thing. Yesterday, I started back to college to finish my last semester of nursing school. Come December I will graduate with my Bachelors in Nursing and have freedom again to stitch more.

  6. Bonne rentrée David ! Mon ainé a pris le chemin de sa classe prépa hier matin, lon second fils fait sa rentrée en 6ème cet après-midi et les filles rentreront au lycée et en maternelle , lundi. Je vais enfin pouvoir reprendre les aiguilles tranquillement. Nous rentrons doucenement dans cette fabuleuse période automnale que j'aime tant !

  7. Bonne reprise ! A tout bientôt sur ton blog pour admirer tes futures réalisations.
    Le dernier accessoire de la classe de J. Du Plessis est superbe. J'adore ces petits fobs que l'on accroche aux ciseaux...

  8. Autumn is nearly here too, summer seems to have been and gone in a jiffy, look forward to your stitching in the new season :)
    Enjoy the Autumn, hopefully an Indian Summer!

  9. Bonne rentrée lundi bon courage ! Tes jolis projets de patchwork et de broderie te donneront du cœur pour aider tes élèves qui voudraient avoir "d'excellentes notes"!! Bonne rentrées à tous !

  10. Bonjour David,
    Une très bonne rentrée et qu’elle t’apporte tout ce que tu souhaites.
    Ton porte ciseaux est adorable ! Je vois que tu es comme moi, pleins de projets à finir avant les fêtes.
    Des heures de bonheur en perspective !
    Une très bonne fin de semaine,
    A bientôt,
    Isabelle C.

  11. Ton petit scissor fob est adorable :-)
    Très bonne rentrée à toi et à toute ta petite famille ,

  12. Bonne rentrée David....Beaucoup de plaisir à voir ce petit porte ciseaux......
    J'espère que ton année scolaire va bien se dérouler mais tu pourras te délasser le soir avec tes aiguilles.

  13. J'espère que ta rentrée s'est bien passée...merci pour ton gentil passage sur mon nouveau blog, et à bientôt!


  14. Hello David! I identified with your post as I am a teacher too!! I have been away most of the summer and done very little stitching but who cares? But now as you say it is time for new projects that I am sure we will find some!!!!
    I will continue this course visiting you in your fabulous blog


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