The summer afternoon of a stitched piece of linen

It is over 100°F /40°C today, so I decided to write for David as he cannot do anything with these temps! I think he is dreaming of fall reading the fall issue of Primitive Projects Magazine he has just received.

How do you like me ironed and framed ? Do I look good ? Well, David likes me... But let's go back in time to tell you how I finished like this.

At first, I was a white piece of linen stitched with a design by Jackie Du Plessis. But, right now, David is in a country and primitive mood so he decided to give a try to what he had read on Stacy Nash's project charts (which he has to stitch BTW!!!).

Because the linen was so white (though the photo doesn't show), he first decided to let me have a bath for an hour or two. He didn't use his best tea for that! He kept it for himself and I got the regular black tea from the supermarket... Anyway, that was fun.

After the bath, he brushed me with some dark solution he had made with walnut crystals. The more stained I was, the happier he was! He was so happy that he even tried the recipe with different fabrics just to see how they would turn out.

Then, I finished the afternoon lying and sunbathing on the grass in the garden.

Ironed and framed, I now stands proudly in the sitting room where David is reading the magazine and drinking iced cold lemonade.

Next time, David will try Lori (from Notforgotten Farm)'s recipe.

Until later( he says),


  1. Et bien David fait de beaux rêves.... et partages les vite avec nous !!! Merci chère broderie de faire le relais ! lol !

  2. doit faire en effet très chaud par chez j'adore ton article :-))
    Ta broderie est bien jolie après ce traitement très spécial : belle réussite !!!
    Bien amicalement,

  3. Dear Linen, I loved hearing your story and how David turned you from stark white to a beautiful tea-dyed picture. You are certainly a beautiful girl in your frame. Enjoy your time with David as I am sure he will bring you many friends.

  4. Please tell David that he did a beautiful job with you, and that I hope temps will get more tolerable soon.

  5. Ta toile a joliment raconté comme elle est devenue si belle avec sa rose légèrement vieillit.... Et toi avec ce magnifique livre entre tes mains tu vas faire de doux rêves cette nuit.

  6. Could you send a little warmth this way, I'm a summer person and winter has gone on too long. Your linen stitchery looks lovely. I'm a fan of dyeing/ageing fabrics.

  7. Fabulous post, very brave of you linen to lie in the tea bath, but the result is fabulous.
    You could send us some of your temp's :)

  8. Teinture et broderie sont une réussite, vraiment très beau.
    Une très bonne fin de semaine sous la chaleur!
    Isabelle C.

  9. je vieillis mes toiles et tissus avec la fameuse poudre Walnut Cristals. C'est génial !
    bonne fin de vacances !

  10. My, that is lovely - and such an intriguing dying technique! You will do a good job at decorating the wall in David's and his family's house:)

  11. brought back ten bags of walnut shell powder from my last trip to the Nashville needlewsork TNNA
    You want some ?


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