Stitch Me Club. Part 1.

I was away for a week and I am now back home. Just the time to garden a little bit, quilt a little bit too and pack again for another 9 nine days on the beautiful Meditteranean coast.

When I go on vacation, I only take a cross-stitch project with me and never a quilting project. I only quilt at home.

The project I had with me was the first part of the Stitch Me Club of Nataliejo from L'Atelier Perdu.

It is stitched over one and it really gives finesse and delicacy to the design. It is a three-part project and the second part should be in my mailbox by the 21st.

Here you can see which fabrics I will use for the finishing... but I might change at the last minute.

Well, I know what you might think : "Nice setting with the lavender and flower bouquet from your garden but we'd like a closer look!!!"

Here you go!

Looks like my daughter and her two cousins when they were younger ;-) And still best friends.

Wherever you are I wish you a beautiful summer (or winter),
Until later,


  1. This is really pretty, David - look forward to seeing how it develops. Great stitching by the way :-)

  2. Precioso de verdad...esperaré impaciente!!!!!

  3. A gorgeous project David, the fabrics are so nice, love the colours.
    Have a great holiday with lots of sun, I envy you:) it's autumn here!!

  4. Beautiful, David! What a good idea to bring some cross-stitch on holidays, easier for sure!!! Have a lovely trip! Bss.

  5. It is a very charming design and I am certain your finishing will be beautiful.

  6. je ne sais pas si tu as respecté les couleurs mais le rendu est très joli. Bonnes vacances !

  7. Oui, je trouve aussi que la broderie est plus appropriée aux vacances que le patchwork. Et ce modèle est bien joli.
    Belles vacances, David !

  8. Such a cute design and great stitching. I can't wait to see if all put together.

  9. Oh what a sweet finish - can't wait to see it all come together!

  10. what a lovely choice for the fabrics.
    I am waiting for the 2nd part to choose mine.
    Have nice holidays

  11. Pffffft, impossible de laisser un message ce matin... encore la faute de blogger !
    Je tente ma chance ce soir...
    Trop trop belles tes xxx en 1/1, je n'ai pas encore terminé cette première partie, je me suis décidée un peu tard... mais je l'emporte en vacances (mer méditerranée moi aussi !) avec d'autres broderies non terminées mais rien de nouveau... je termine tout ce que j'ai sur le feu.

  12. Lovely stitching David, enjoy your summer.Just as at Bertie's is autumn here in Amsterdam

  13. Merveilleuse première partie David. Je suis comme toi je vais guetter ma BAL demain pour voir la suite....que j'emmènerai avec moi en vacances ....

  14. Beautiful stitching David, it is such a lovely design, I have nearly finished mine!! Lovely fabrics, and like you said this design reminds me of my daughter just a couple of years ago with her best friends! Have a wonderful holiday, regards from a cold and winters day in Australia.

  15. As you said I prefer too to bring stitching with me in vacation . Patchwork is full of little tools and not easy to settle in a "foreign" place !!
    I tell you "bravo" for your stitching !! I receive it too but I just had time to prepare linen and threads and look at it again and again ....
    Your fabrics are beautiful and our results will be all different because of this variety .
    Je te souhaite de très douces vacances dans le midi .
    A bientôt .

  16. un projet auquel je participe aussi, j'ai fini mon jardin de grand mère cet apres midi... je finis ma promenade que votre blog; il y a longtemps que je n'etais venue... bisous du nord à vous mr du sud

    charline, roses et caramel


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