an online class.

I just wanted to share this piece of information with you. Jackie Du Plessis is offering a new online class with Shining Needle Society. She will teach the project Thistlewood that you can see on her website (teaching projects / current projects). The registration runs through July 31st and the class starts in September.

Now, I'd like to show you the mini carrier as it is really cute!!!

I am also stitching the "Stitch Me Club" project by Nataliejo that I will show you when it is finished by the end of September. It is a secret project for the summer. It is in three parts and I am working on part 1. Part 2 will arrive at the end of the month.

I am also (finally) trying to finish quilting a beautiful fresh quilt for my youngest daughter.

Until later,


  1. David, your LJG project is stunning. Wish I had signed up for that one. Love the mini Shaker carrier. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not completely decided on how I will be finishing my recent stitching but will most likely be making pinkeeps or pillows. I have bought some different fabrics and need to have the creative juices flowing before I being the finishing task. I, too, am in the Stitch Me Club - need to begin part 1 later today. Are you signing up for Thistlewood? I'm waiting for Merry Cox to offer another of her classes on SNS. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Another fine project! And look at your tiny, yet consistent quilting stitches!! I just can't believe my eyes seeing such quality... I will have to get back with my hand quilting project some time soon... Thanks for a beautiful inspirations!!

  3. Ton Lady Garden est vraiment ravissant et ce minuscule panier est vraiment adorable.
    Je pense que tu auras aussi beaucoup de plaisir à commencer le nouveau projet de Jackie Du Plessis dont tu nous parles.
    Quant au quilt pour ta fille, j'adore ses couleurs acidulées ,et j'imagine sans peine qu'elle doit l'attendre avec impatience .
    Très beau Dimanche à tous tous,

  4. What a beautiful quilt - your daughter is a lucky girl :-) !

  5. This quilt is...just beautiful all colors are perfect composed!
    Have a very special week!
    Best Regards from Regensburg, Germany

  6. la broderie est déjà très jolie, j'ai hâte de voir la suite... Bonne fin d'après-midi, Isabelle

  7. David
    I completely agree with you about Jackies Projects....they have taught me so much about finishing....and that makes me better at my other projects. You are inspiting me to finishe my Lady Jane......she is stitched but only my carrier is finished.
    Best of Days - Sharon


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