lucky winner

A few weeks ago, Merumo, who is Japanese and lives in the USA, organized a giveaway based on the help given to Japan.

I wasn't a winner in the first draw but was one of "the second chance" draw!! I was so happy.

Happy to have been able to contribute to the help to Japan a second time.

Happy to be a winner.

Happy to receive something made by Merumo that will remind me of the solidarity to Japan throughout the world.

And it also made my wife happy. Why ? Well, she told me that now there is no reason for my needles to be left anywhere in the house ;-) I have a place to store them!

Don't you just love her choice of fabrics ? I do! Thank you very much Merumo ;-)

And thanks to all for your comments in my previous posts and for your continuing support.

Until later,


  1. Thanks for a nice post! I'm glad to hear not only you, but also your wife likes the idea of you having a needle case! lol I also have one for my needles, but it seems I need to make more as I still see the needles on the floor and the couch. Hopeless is the right word for me...

  2. Gorgeous David, congratulations, only a small amount of needles will fit LOL, but can imagine your wife's despair, my DH tells me off as well:))

  3. génial, je suis très contente pour toi !

  4. Wonderful David, congratulations! My husband and children also despair at the needles and pins they find!! I just don't know how that happens!

    Merumo, what a beautiful prize you have made.

  5. On dit que toutes les personnes faisant du patch ou habitant dans une maison où l'on fait du patch a au moins une aiguille dans les fesses !! Parole de radiologue !!!
    C'est un porte aiguille plein de sens , émouvant et dont tu te souviendras ...
    Bravo !!

  6. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. It's a gorgeous needlecase.

  7. Un grand bravo David : c'est super !!!!

  8. Pretty needlecase - nice win! I'm new to your blog and have bookmarked it for future visits!

  9. Congrats on the win, David - what a pretty needleroll!

  10. I found your blog through Belen (Simply Patchwork) and I love what you teach. I am also passionate about patchwork and I invite you to visit my blog. Hope you like.
    We will continue visiting
    Bea Rico

  11. Hola, he visitado tu blog y me encantan tus trabajos.
    Que buen gusto tienes¡¡¡¡
    Un saludo desde Las Islas Canarias.

  12. Je suis vraiment contente pour toi David,et en plus c'est mérité! Toi aussi tu as des problèmes avec tes aiguilles,chez moi on en trouve partout et souvent dans des endroits où il ne faudrait pas qu'elles soient! Une très bonne fin de semaine.
    Isabelle C. (PEXIORA)

  13. Congratulations! The sewing roll is beautiful! Merumo is so generous (and talented!).

  14. Beautiful sewing roll, congratulation !! The fabrics are beautiful, what a generous gift.

  15. That's really beautiful and so perfect as well.

    Lucky you!


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