The binding is on...

The quilt for Japan is now ready to go far, far away. I tied knots at each corner.

I put the binding on.

I stitched a label at the back with my name and the dates when it was stitched.

And in two weeks' time, I will bring it with me to the Quiltmania quilt show in Nantes where quilts will be collected before being send to Japan. I wish that it will comfort the child who will receive it.

Until later,


  1. Beautiful quilt! I'm sure it'll go to where the warmth and the love are needed...

  2. What a lovely gift of yourself. I am certain that it will bring warmth and comfort.

  3. What a wonderful gift - lovely work, David!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do. It's beautiful too!

  5. Oh David I'm very sure this quilt will bring much comfort th the child who will receive's wonderful, Dzintra

  6. What a wonderful quilt David, I am sure it will bring much joy and comfort to a deserving child.

  7. Beautiful quilt, and very loving thing to do for Japan. Mary

  8. Bonjour David,
    superbe travail, j'aime beaucoup ton Quilt!Les finitions sont vraiment belles.Celui ou celle qui va se lover à l'intérieur sera enchanté!
    Une très bonne journée,
    Isabelle C (PEXIORA)

  9. Ton quilt est vraiment splendide! Sûre que l'enfant qui le recevra saura apprécier toute la douceur et le cœur que tu as mis pour le faire.
    J'admire ta démarche envers le Japon.

  10. Gorgeous, the person who can wrap her/himself in this will be forever grateful:)) The finishing knots are great too-)

  11. Quelle belle preuve de solidarite !
    L'enfant qui le recevra aura la douceur et la chaleur en guise de réconfort ...
    je suis en admiration devant ce travail et ce bel acte de générosite

  12. I am sure that your lovely quilt will be loved now and for many years to come. Well done.


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