I've just received an Award for my blog from Nat. Thank you very much.

The rule is to put the logo of the Award on your blog, thank the person who gave it to you, include the link to his/her blog, list 7 characteristics of your personality, name 7 more blogs along with their links, and notify the people involved.
(I borrowed this translation from Jill).

So here it goes :

  • I want my finishes to be perfect and can unpick if I am not happy with.
  • I am unbearable if I don't do sports for at least 6 hours a week.
  • I think that the beauty of handmade creations are like poetry, it makes life beautiful.
  • I always look forward to the next vacation time for having plenty of time for my needles and threads but I am always more productive when I am not on vacation and when I am very busy!
  • I don't care about productivity...
  • I love travelling and love my home sweet home.
  • I am addicted to many blogs because they have opened up the possibility of creation and handmade things to me.
It is very diffcult to just give this award to only seven blogs. So I have decided to choose only "needle and threads" related blogs and blogs that have really inspired me in one way or another.

The award goes to :



Coté Passions



Simply Patchwork

Quilting with the past

Enjoy the visit.

Until later,


  1. Congratulations on your award David, you have passed it on to the most deserving of "needle and threads" blogs.

  2. I am absolutely happy with this award, David!
    It is an honour for me!
    thanks so much!!

  3. Merci David !! Je suis contente d'avoir fait partie des blogs qui t'ont inspiré car on aurait raté qqch si tu n'avais pas ouvert ton propre blog !! J'aime bcp tout ce que tu fais, que ce soit en patch ou en petites croix, et ton enthousiasme aussi, et ton amour des belles choses. C'est vraiment plaisant et tu sais bien le partager. Je me retrouve bien dans ta description (surtout le no.1 !!!) mais moi j'ai pas besoin des 6h de sport, OUF !! LOL
    Surtout ne change rien à ta formule, continue comme ça, on aime :-))

  4. Merci beaucoup pour cet Award, David : c'est un réel bonheur pour moi que mon blog t'ait inspiré de la sorte car ton blog est lui-même très agréable à visiter .
    Je ne suis pas trop présente sur le net en ce moment et pour cette raison, je suis un peu tardive dans mon remerciement :-(
    Très belle journée ,

  5. Thank you so much for giving me your award! It's an honour!


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