London and England was great. I was there with 48 students and it was a wonderful discovery for them. London, Cambridge, Windsor and Eton was on the tour. I particularly enjoyed Windsor as I had never visited it before!

As soon as I arrived from London, I packed my suitcase again and went to the Meditteranean for a short family vacation.
On the way to the coast, I drove by Carcassonne and its famous walled medieval town. I didn't stop there as I had visited it many times already but chose to stop in Pexiora! Indeed, I knew that last weekend, there was a small quilt and embroidery market. It is not big but it has everything a stitcher can dream of! There were very nice and welcoming people, a nice exhibition and gorgeous booths, as well as talented designers.

What more can you ask for ?
Nothing... but from your point of view, I think you can ask for a few photos ;-)
So here they are.

I took pictures of the things that appealed to me. So it is my biased view of...

The exhibition.

There was a fan of Born To Quilt for sure! I could recognize many designs from Vero's books. But before I left I wasn't able to find Isabelle C to congratulate her about her beautiful work. I love what she did very much! Congratulations Isabelle ;-)

The booths and the talented designers.

Les Secrets de Marie. Rarely have I met so nice a person. She has several quilts published in Quiltmania magazine.

Marie-Thèrèse de Saint Aubin and her delicate stitched flowers.

Atalie and her hand-dyed threads.

Atelier des Fées Brodeuses and an amazing booth filled with stitched treasures (and I cannot show you everything that was on display!!!)

It gives you an idea of the richness of this event. We spent a wonderful afternoon in Pexiora. Thank you very much to the people working for this event.

Until later,


  1. Merci pour ces jolies photos ! Je rêve d'avoir une telle association à côté de chez moi...
    Je regrette l'absence des Secrets de Marie au salon de Nantes. Son stand est si accueillant !

  2. What a beautifull things to see in the pictures!!I wish I had more patience to finish my unfinished embroderies. I guess you could have spent a lot of money there?!But in the end it is probably nicer to get inspiration and make things yourself.

  3. Thank you for sharing this pictures with us.

  4. Bonsoir David,
    J'ai vu que tu avais mis mes ouvrages sur ton blog,je suis très touchée. Mais mon nom n'est pas Laurence, mais Isabelle C (PEXIORA). Je suis très contente d'avoir pu mettre un visage sur tes superbes ouvrages. Une très bonne soirée. Et peut-être a l'année prochaine sur le Salon!
    Isabelle C.

  5. Bonsoir Isabelle,
    Toutes mes excuses! Je viens de corriger l'erreur.
    Il fallait bien que je m'embrouille à un moment ou un autre ;-)
    Tes réalisations étaient vraiment superbes.
    A l'année prochaine sur le salon! J'ai déjà hâte de découvrir quelles autres merveilles tu vas faire ;-)

  6. What a wonderful exhibition and such a treat for the eyes! Thank you for sharing all of those delights.

  7. What a wonderful exhibition and the most beautiful photographs.

  8. what a beautiful exhibition david with some very lovely items in it...that quilt in the frame just made me smile with those happy colours...dzintra

  9. I think that your "biased" view is mine as well as I have loved everything you showed!
    Was that a patchwork fair or a market they hold regularly?

  10. I don't think you're biased. You photographed all the things I love. The houses are wonderful. The dolls quilt with the Amish doll just lovely. The brown embroidered bird has caught my eye.
    Thank you for picking my name out, great excitement at being a winner.

  11. Hi Belen, cannot find an email so I will answer your question here. It's not really a market but more like a small fair. It's what we call in French "un salon" (a small scale one which makes it so different). It's organized by a group of passionnate stitchers ( I think). There is a small exhibition and many booths of designers and shops where you can buy. There was also an antique laces and trim from Brittany (Fleur de Lin et Bouton d'Or)!! It was amazing to see all those people you read about on the blogs when they attend the major markets and they were there in this small place. What was best I think, was the friendly atmosphere, picnic tables were set up at three corners of the hall, you could order some cakes, coffee and even a glass of very good wine. A place I will go to next year, for sure!

  12. Merci pour ces photos ! et , je vois que nous avons beaucoup de goûts en commun !

  13. N'ayant pas pu me rendre sur ce salon, je te remercie sincèrement pour ton reportage fort sympathique. Bisxxx.

  14. Quelle magnifique reportage avec de superbes photos comme tu sais toujours les faire et un grand Merci à toi de partager avec nous ce moment fabuleux.
    Je t'écris très vite,
    Bien Amicalement,

  15. Lovely pictures, lovely items - I'm in love with a couple of those quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi David What beautiful things . Your work is absolutely perfect in every way . Remember tomorrow is PANCAKE DAY. I have the recipe on my blog. Ciao Alison

  17. Wow what a feast for our eyes!! glad to hear you had a great time in London, at least it was dry I think?? but the cold seems to hang on:))
    Love your pictures and must keep this Salon in mind, a great excuse for a visit:))

  18. What a fun winter you are on! London, family vacation and craft market!! I'm sure you have been fully inspired now by all the goodies you saw there. Good for you!!

  19. Merci pour les photos, David !
    Arrrrh, j'ai hésité... et finalement, je n'y suis pas allée. Je me battrais, tiens !
    Bon, l'année prochaine, j'y serai !

  20. Oh what beautiful things! You must have had a lovely time. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us!

  21. J'y suis allée l'an passé, j'avais beaucoup aimé l'ambiance tranquille, les petits stands, rien à voir avec celui de Toulouse que je n'aime pas finalement...merci pour cette jolie balade, je n'y suis pas allée cette année, et maintenant je le regrette!
    bonne soirée à toi

  22. Bonjour ,
    je me suis rendue egalement cette année et l'an dernier avec silvie sur ce petit salon de Pexiora 11 ;Petit mais très très agréable avec des stands très humains .... et beaucoup de choix à des prix très corrects !
    MErci pour ce bel articles qui donnent envie de découvrir ma région ..... la terre Cathare


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