Like many of you, I cannot stop thinking of Japan and its people.

I received this morning a mail from Reiko Kato telling me that her family, staff and students were all fine. I was very happy as she has taught me a lot in quilting.

I know there is not much we can do but I wanted to do something. I first read on Marie-Claude's blog that a shop in Belgium collected blocks in order to make a quilt for someone who had just opened a quilt shop in December and has now lost everything! If you read French you can read this story on this blog :

Atelier Patchwork et Points Comptés

I sent a block this morning.

I also received a mail from Quiltmania and they are also organizing something. You can read it on their website.

I have not much time these days but I couldn't not do something. So yesterday evening I gathered all the fabrics I would like to use for a quilt which will measure 48 X 72 inches. I am not sure about the size as there is a difference between what is written in French and in English. So I am going for the bigger size and I will see.

I have picked up a jelly roll I had in my stash and have chosen a Japanese fabric I like very much because what's written on it is in French. So, it is a link between France and Japan. With the jelly roll fabrics I will make scrapy 9-patch blocks and with the Japanese fabric I will make the alternate blocks.

I will put all my other WIPs aside this weekend, and probably next weekend, in order to piece the top.

I'd like your advice for the quilting though.

I will not have time to quilt it by hand. I am not a machine quilter and have never done that before. So I thought of making thread knots at each intersection. I have read about it before but cannot find it anymore. What do you think ? Do you have any other ideas ? Thank you for your advice...

Until later,


  1. What a wonderful gesture David, Japanese quilters will be so proud of you:)) I have seen on quilts the knots you are talking about, and they put some buttons on the intersections too.
    I am going to Janet Boltons quilt workshop tomorrow and am sure we can do something there too for Japan:))

  2. Beautiful plan! Thank you for spreading the word and making a quilt. I will have to see what I can do...

  3. What a beautiful thing to do. And the fabrics you have selected are lovely! I think doing the knots and/or buttons at the intersections would be a great idea. You can probably google a tutorial.

  4. hello david...what a beautiful post this is...it did make me all teary...i'm sorry i can't help you with the quilting advice but using the thread method is quick i have heard...dzintra

  5. je viens également de terminer mon carré. Il partira vers la Belgique dès lundi.

    Avec la taille demandée et le temps nécessaire à la réalisation et au quilting, je trouve ton idée excellente. Agrémenté de petits boutons, ton quilt peut être magnifique.
    Bravo David !

  6. You are so generous David, what a beautiful post. I agree with your suggestion of thread knots at each intersection, that will look just lovely. Even a few buttons added here and there might add to the charm as the quilt is made with love and care under these circumstances.

  7. J'ai aussi fait mon petit carré qui est parti pour la Belgique hier. Et j'aimerais bien répondre également à l'appel de Quiltmania...
    J'ai eu peur de n'avoir pas le temps pour ça mais ton idée me parait excellente ! Je vais peut-être m'en inspirer, si tu le permets ! ;-)
    Quant à tes tissus, je les adore, tout simplement !
    Merci pour ce joli post !

  8. Beau geste :)) Des boutons ou des noeuds oui ce serait bien !!!!
    Moi j'ai fait des grannies square que je vais donner demain.
    Sinon, j'ai offert à Merumo un de mes quilts miniatures et demain elle va faire un giveaway sur son blog pour ceux qui ont fait un don à la croix rouge, pour son pays.



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