Block 9 of the Mystery Quilt and stash reduction...

For once, I'm on time for block 9 of the Mystery Quilt of Born to Quilt! The new block should be in my mail box today or tomorrow. So far there are 3 cottages so I guess I can call it the cottage quilt :-))
I have tried to keep the overall harmony and have, at the same time, a different cottage from the two previous ones.

Last month, I cleaned up my workshop and sorted out all the different kits, threads, linens and patterns I had in stock. Needless to say that it is a shame!!!! There are way too many... so I decided not to buy any new, wonderful, not to be missed pattern or kit before finishing at least 10 projects!! Not sure, I'll be able to stick to such a resolution, but I will try!! Don't worry though, I have enough projects to keep posting for at least the next two years!!!! LOL

We have a teenage girl from Dallas, Texas at home right now. After a few days in Paris, she is visiting our region with her French teacher and her class and we are very happy to be her host family. I try to speak French to her as she is here to practise her French but I'm often tempted to speak English!

Have a great day,
Until later,


  1. We all have have that kind of good resolutions : work with our huge stocks of fabrics, finish all our UFOs, but... when you see these beautiful new collections, and kits, and the colors of these wools ?!! how can we resist !
    That's all the question...
    Have a nice day !

  2. Nice cottage, I like it !
    martine from Quiltinusa

  3. Trop beau ton cottage...
    Tu as de sages résolutions, j'espère que tu arriveras à les tenir ; les tentations sont trop nombreuses sur le net et sur les salons...
    Bien amicalement.

  4. Ton nouveau cottage est bien joli et tout à fait accueillant .
    Que de bonnes résolutions tu as prises ....vas-tu vraiment les ???
    Je vous souhaite à tous les quatre une très agréable fin de semaine :-)

  5. I admire your resolution! I have more patterns, kits and projects to do right now that I'll never get them all done in my lifetime I think. lol

  6. Beautiful new block, well done! I wish I had the same discipline as you with my stash...

  7. Gorgeous cottage David, your are very good keeping to the schedule, I could take a leaf out of your book, but won't LOL

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Your block #9 looks as nice as the others! I hear you about the stash reduction. I think we all have way enough stash till our 2nd life!? LOL But I think it is a part of the therapy for us to feel better and secured, whenever we feel like it, we can just grab what we want to start working on!

  9. je vois que tes bonnes résolutions nous laissent toutes dubitatives ;-) lol A croire que seuls les hommes peuvent se résoudre à ce genre de 'régime'... en attendant, ton bloc est très réussi, l'ensemble va être très joli.

  10. I love the cottage, I love house quilts so this quilt has me really intrigued.
    can't wait to see more blocks.
    Do you have a picture of the whole quilt or is it a true mystery?
    thanks for sharing

  11. Je vois que tu as beacoup de liens communs avec moi, J'adore les ouvrages de Véronique Requéna, bravo pour ton cottage;


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