Machine piecing

Do you remember that I wanted to give it a try ?

I decided to start machine piecing the blocks of the Civil War Tribute I receive each month from "Les Secrets de Marie". This month I had to piece 4 identical blocks measuring 15 1/2 inches. And I suddenly realized that it would take me quite a long time to prepare the pieces and hand-stitch them so it was time to start a true friendship with my sewing machine!!!
Indeed, I had only two choices!!! Either handpiecing the CWT blocks this year and doing nothing else on the arts and crafts side or machinepiecing them and doing other things as well!!! And you know that I'm also stitching the Mystery Quilt BOM by Born To Quilt and The Lady's Cabinet by Judy Odell, not mentionning a few other fun things besides...

Though the first block was not a disaster, it was not measuring the right size at the end. Same thing with the second and third blocks!!!!!
At this point, I was about to throw the machine through the window when I suddenly remembered the prize I had paid for it!!!! It immediately brought me back to my senses! LOL

So I started surfing the web to find clues to help me and found the solution in a tutorial about how to get the perfect scant 1/4 inch in Nathalie's blog. I immediately contacted her to have more tips to help me getting the perfect points. And it worked!!!!! Thank you very much, Nathalie, for your help :-))
It might not be perfect but now I know I can do it and I stitched this block with great pleasure and no stress. And it measures exactly 15 1/2 inches as required!!! Yipee!
Maybe you'd like to see it ?

And now a closer view :

Among the few other fun things I mentioned before are a hooked rug I started with Beatrice Meilhac at Quiltmania's quiltshow and the Blueberry Cottage of L'Atelier Perdu. So that will be for another post...

Have a great weekend,
Until later,


  1. glad I could help ! ;o))) Your block looks GREAT!! and not easy too : all those triangles and points! way to go!!!

  2. Beautiful! I need a tutorial too. lol!

  3. They look great, I wish my sewing skills were that good :)

  4. David, ton block est superbe et parfait .
    Great piecing work !!!
    Je vous souhaite à tous les quatre un très beau week-end ,

  5. Beautiful quilting, David. Kudos to you for the persistence, I would have given up I think :-)

  6. Je ferais bien d'être aussi courageuse que toi avec ma machine ! lol Je suis bouche-bée face à une telle maîtrise du piécé machine ! Bravoooo !

  7. Hi! Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog :) Here I am visiting yours and found a lot of beautiful inspirations... I love your first machine pieced block! Love the color combinations. Now I want to play with my fabrics and make some blocks. Can't wait to see more soon.

  8. Une très belle balade dans ton univers David....

  9. Your piecing skills look excellent to me, love the colours David. Cannot wait to see the full piece finished now LOL.
    Thanks for the tutorial too.


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