Another quilt shop...

You may remember that I promised to tell you about another quilt shop I visited last summer.
This beautiful quilt shop is in Sisters which is in central Oregon. Everytime I go to Portland I spend a few days there with my friends.

You are welcomed by quilts floating outside.

Inside there are many quilts on display and everything a quilter may dream of...

(I bought the fabrics to make the quilt in the middle of the photo above!!!)

There were also lots of Sue Spargo quilts on display.

I think that the Stitchin' Post is owned by Jean and Valory Wells. There is also an outdoor quilt show every year in July. But unfortunately, I can't be on vacation at this time of year so I've never been!!

The town is very charming ! There are many antiques and there were a few things I would have brought back but couldn't put them in my suitcase!!

And last but not least.... Nature!!!! Indeed, nature abounds in this area as well as in all the Pacific Northwest!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little trip and I will post about other places I have visited : England, Ireland and different regions in France...

I thank you for your nice comments on my previous posts and wish you a wonderful weekend.

Until later,


  1. Ton reportage est magnifique David : merci beaucoup pour ces moments d'évasion:-)je reviendrai les voir , c'est certain !!
    Je vous souhaite à tous quatre un très beau week-end de la Pentecôte :-)

  2. Must be a wonderful place to visit for a quilter.Pretty nature pictures, I'm looking forward to the other posts about England and France.Enjoy your weekend

  3. Merci David pour ce beau reportage....un beau moment d'évasion ce soir en te lisant.

  4. Thank you for a nice tour of a fantastic shop! Looks like you had a wonderful time with the beautiful inspirations and of course the shopping spree...

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!

  6. il est evident que nous revons toutes de voir de si belles boutiques ! merci pour ce reportage .... qui nous y tranporte ... l'espace d'un instant !

  7. Merci Isa, Zaza, Clob. C'est toujours un vrai plaisir de vous lire et de savoir que vous êtes passées par ici. Thank You Erna, Merumo and Giovanna. It's nice to read your comments and know that you stopped by ;-)

  8. what a charming quilt shop David, thanks for the tour. Some very wonderful quilts, you will have fun with the kit that you purchased!!

  9. It is very interesting for us to have your photos and comments, David, as actually we are going to Oregon in July with some of my quilting friends and will attend the Sisters Outdoor quilt show -
    The Stitching Post quilt shop was of course on my list of quilt shops to visit there.
    We shall report on our blog Quiltinusa !

  10. Merci pour ces photos sur Sisters les paysages sont magnifiques vivement le mois de juillet pour voir tout cela en "live". Mon mari et moi participons au voyage concocté par Martine de Quiltinusa. Bien sûr les arrêts dans les "quiltshops" sont incontournables......
    Bonne fin de journée à tous ensoleillée ici en Anjou.

  11. I thought you might like to know that it is the 35th anniversary of Jean Wells Stitching Post Quilt show this year.

    Her daughter Valori is a delightful quilter and photgrapher and has encouraged her mom to start doing her own photography.

  12. Hi Sandy,
    Yes, I knew about the 35th anniversary! This is wonderful. I know that a few French quilters will be there...
    I never met Valori or Jean when I came to the shop but I read Valory's blog from time to time.
    Maybe I'll meet them next time I come...


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