Monday, April 24, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

What a strange title, you might think!

It is the name of Sarah Fielke's 2017 BOM.

Sarah Fielke wrote a book called Old Quilts, New Life, where she created 2 modern interpretations of antique quilts from The American Folk Art Museun, New York.

I have decided to work the other way around, that is to work on a contemporary design with reproduction fabrics and just a few modern ones here and there. The finished quilt will tell whether it was a good idea.


Choosing the fabrics and the general colour scheme is a very difficult task for me... extremely difficult.


Seeing all the different versions on the private Facebook page is both very motivating and intimidating as each time I see a new version, I am even more doubtful about my choices.


Now  the center is done, so I have a general idea of where I am going.

Below is the general sketch of the project that you can find on Sarah Fielke's website. You can join anytime throughout the year if you want. One thing that I particularly like about this BOM is that each month I have access to a video lesson about a special technique, a bit like a private class. I am not a novice quilter and I still learn new things and useful tips. Moreover, there are several bonus projects throughout the year like the Huswif that you have seen in my previous post.

As you can see there is still lots of work in the coming months.

 To finish, I must apologize for writing too few articles on the blog. The main reason is that I have been extremely busy at work. I will be back more regularly as soon as possible.

Next time, I will tell you about another project I am working on : a TOM. No idea, what a TOM is? Well, keep on eye on the blog, and you will soon discover what it is with the four first blocks.

Until later,


  1. Your fabric choices are delightful! So nice to see a blogpost again and good to read that you have not abandoned blogging (as some have). Looking forward to your post on a TOM (...??)

  2. Why, your centerpiece is very attractive! I look forward to the next part.

  3. It looks very nice so far; I like the fabrics you have chosen.
    I don't think we ever stop learning :-)

  4. David, yo creo que has acertado con tu selección de telas. Estoy deseando que nos cuentes qué es un Tom :)
    Un saludo desde Galicia.

  5. j'attends toujours vos articles avec impatience, quelle joie de lire un blog si précis et talentueux avec de la recherche historique. C'est un enseignement précieux pour moi. Chaque fois vous me donnez une raison de ne pas abandonner le patchwork.Merci

  6. It looks lovely, David. Have faith in your choices.

  7. Again I'm speechless. Thank you David for this info. Sarah Fielke's website... I'll definitely have a look.

  8. Hope you are pleased with your fabric choice, in the pictures it looks very good, and I look forward to see this quilt grow. Greetings

  9. I am in awe of your work, and this is no exception.

    I live in the Lot et Garonne, just north of Villeneuve-sur-Lot; am retired and enjoy crafting but am clearly a lot less disciplined than you are! Wonder what area you are in?

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Julia, thank you for your post. I live 30 minutes west of Toulouse in the Gers... not too far from Villeneuve sur Lot ;-)

  10. j'ai toujours beaucoup apprécié ton talent mais si en plus tu prends le chemin du contemporain/ ancien, ce que perso, je traduis par quilt vintage ( je ne sais pas s'il existe un terme pour définir ce style ), je suis ravie à 200 %
    Ton bloc central est magnifique. J'apprécie particulièrement l'ajout du jaune curry, une couleur que j'adore et qu'on ne voit pas suffisamment en patch.
    La bande avec les maisons serait probablement la plus difficile pour moi, non pour la technique mais pour l'association des couleurs et des motifs.
    J'aime beaucoup les bandes des demi rosaces et celles des losanges qui demandent de la technique mais doivent donner un superbe résultat.
    Je t'avoue qu'au premier regard, je n'ai pas aimé la bande avec les lapins et les fleurs mais c'est idiot car c'est elle qui apporte la touche de légèreté au modèle.
    Si je n'étais pas en train de réaliser également un grand quilt en plus d'un cadeau de naissance, je me serais bien laissée tenter par ce BOM.
    Cet ouvrage va probablement laisser son empreinte dans ta vie de quilteur et également dans notre petit monde d'addicts car tu sembles bien parti pour nous réaliser une petite merveille.
    Bye pour découvrir ce fameux TOM...Kesako ?

  11. Wonderfull ! I love your colors choices!
    me too, I like the pinch of mustard yellow ... thanks for sharing, hope every body safe at home ... TOM ? I'm on pins and needles ! Happy quilting !

  12. It looks great. I love that first part of your top and fabrics. Do feel confident in your choices.
    I wish you the best.

  13. Je suis vraiment en admiration devant tant de talent et de précision. J'aime tes articles sur ton bloc qui sont très précis et enrichissant..... Ne doutes jamais du trésor que tu as entre les doigts et un grand bravo pour ce bloc que tu as réalisé. Il y a beaucoup de technique que tu maitrise à merveille. Un autre grand bravo pour le choix de tes tissus.
    Et merci de partager avec nous les avancées de tes différents projets, c'est une grande leçon pour moi.

  14. Magnifique, merveilleux comme tout ce que tu fais, les choux des tissus extra !!!! Le bonheur pour nos yeux.
    Bizzes David

  15. For me choosing fabrics and scheme colours is a hard task too.
    I like very much both fabrics and colours you've chosen, it is really a beautiful block. I didn't know Sarah Fielke, I' ll take a look at her jobs.
    Hope you write soon.

  16. Good choices, I really like it! I am Tom-ing too!

  17. Te está quedando precioso ♥
    Las telas me encantan.
    Feliz semana ... Besos, Paqui :)

  18. I like your fabric choice very much!It is a beautiful block!

    Have a nice and creative time David!

  19. Your color choices are fabulous! Love them -- they're so warm and so French!

  20. Such beautiful work! I envy your talent!

  21. Lovely start ! I am looking forward to seeing your progress.