Stitch Me Club Part 2

Summer stitching is fun even when away by the seaside at the beach condo. Though the boats, the sea and the sand are not really coordinated with the atmosphere in this piece, it was great to stitch it there.

It was a very relaxing time and I also managed to have some study time every day  which was great. We spent some time with friends from Burgundy and Switzerland and enjoyed the clear blue water of the Mediterranean sea.

How do you like this second part? Isn't it the most adorable cottage barn? I love the flowers on top of the roof! Don't you?

The atmosphere is very different from the boats and the palm trees, but I am sure the lady enjoyed the vacation as much as I did ;-) At least, she didn't complain :-)

I was really happy to finish part 2 on time but being away, I could not start part 3. Fortunately DD1 was home and texted me the photo of part 3 as soon as it arrived and it is another gorgeous part.

When I arrived home on Friday 14, I immediately started it!

 I do not want to be late for part 4 which will be in my mailbox when school resumes. Yes, it is just round the corner now.

 I still have two more weeks off.

I garden a bit every day, make some progress on the SMC 2015 and work on the last border of Mountmellick. But I still spend 3 to 4 hours for work and have planned a few days of collaborative work with colleagues. It is great to have time for everything and not be in a frantic mode.

Days are getting shorter now but it is still warm though not so hot anymore... it is just a perfect end of summer.

I hope you are enjoying  a peaceful time too ;-)

Until later,


  1. That is a very lovely piece. This designer is new to me. I have made great progress on my Helen Vertue sampler this summer. I also ordered a book of patterns by Veronique Enginger from Amazon to work on some Christmas tree ornaments for gifts. It sounds like you have had a lovely, relaxing summer. Happy stitching!

  2. That cottage barn is wonderful. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  3. J'adore cet ouvrage, superbe! Bel fin d'été...

  4. I am also really enjoying stitching these patterns. The cottage barn is gorgeous and I am just half way through. Your summer vacation sounds perfect.

  5. superbe; et bonne fin de vacances... la rentrée est proche...

  6. Super joli !! Profite bien de tes vacances !

  7. Toujours en finesse ! Passe de bonnes vacances !

  8. C'est une très douce broderie, parfaite pour l'été !
    Bonnes fin de vacances .....

  9. Beautiful stitching David. Sounds like a perfect holiday to me..

  10. Comme toi j'apprécie le temps de ces jours-ci, pas trop chaud... On peut de nouveau s'amuser avec fil et tissus !
    Ce modèle de point de croix est d'une grande finesse, comme toi j'aime les scènes de la vie rurale toute simple. Les ruches me plaisent particulièrement, d'autant plus que malgré tous nos efforts, la nôtre est en train d'être vaincue par de féroces attaques de frelons asiatiques... Je rêve alors d'un monde qui n'existe plus, sans ces bestioles en France...
    Profite bien de ces derniers jours avant la rentrée David, et bonne chance pour ton grand projet professionnel !

  11. Your stitching is beautiful! It sounds that you have a perfect holiday with friends. Enjoy the two weeks before
    school begins!

  12. OOUUHH que c'est joli et les tissus de finition déjà prêts ??!!
    Va t-elle nous proposer quelque chose avec tous les jolis rubans et tissus qui ont toujours été présents sur les photos ?
    La dernière partie peut-être ce soir dans la BAL ????
    Bon week end et bons petits points
    Alexandra (AtelierFilles)


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