Quilting pattern

I thought it would be nice to share with you how I work when I come to deciding and marking the quilting pattern of a specific block.

First of all, I read and read again my three quilting "bibles" which are a great source of inspiration for me as regards handquilting designs.

Then, depending on the block, I decide whether I want straight lines, curved lines , wavy lines or any other design like florals or feathers, for example.

Finally, I try to take into consideration the block itself and whether I want to accentuate the block pattern or want my quilting design to have a unique pattern and/or add something different.

For the block photographed, I wanted to have a specific design which would add some curves to the straight lines. Then, I also wanted to just accentuate the graphic pattern and give it dimension by quilting straight lines or smaller quilted triangles.

Once these decisions were taken, I chose the design in the books and used my photocopier to reduce them to the size I wanted and cut the paper out to place it on the block to get an idea of how it would look. I did the same for the leaves for the four large corner triangles.

That's when I realized that the brown outer borders were larger than the other borders and the same size as the outer borders on the second block I had quilted (the basket block). So I chose the same design which would echo the quilting made in the previous block and add some coherence and harmony to the overall quilting design.

The space I try to maintain between lines is 1.5 cm. It is easy to mark using the lines on my ruler. So that's what I did again. Just to be sure of the effect, I draw it on paper first. You will notice that I draw a vertical line right in the middle but this line will not be quilted.


Well, you now know how I decide on a quilting pattern. Hope to post the quilted result in a few days.

Until later,


  1. thanks for sharing your design process, David. your work is beautiful!

  2. Amazing work, David !! And your quilting result is truly wonderful. How many blocks left ? 2 ? 3 ?

    1. 2 when this one is done, plus the tiny cream border and the large border.

  3. It was all very well thought out. Thank you! this is useful information.

  4. You put a lot of thought and work into your quilt patterns. And the results are lovely. I am afraid I do less preparing for quilting. The quiltpattern I use now was just handdrafted in about 30 seconds and then copied unto template material and cut out (another 30 seconds...) . In the past I have used ready made quilt templates, but may not use the whole pattern of such a template just a part. Lovey your work though, all that thought and preparation really shows.

  5. Je vais me répéter ...encore MERCI David pour cette générosité et vos partages..j ai rajouté cette règle dans mes achats AEF bien pratique....et je retiens le découpage des feuilles dans les angles pour un rendu visuel bien plus pratique..... Encore encore!!!! Un bon dimanche à votre famille ....

  6. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Your blog is a joy to read!

  7. Thank you a lot, it is so helpful, David!

  8. Thank you it is a great lesson of you!
    Thank you for sharing,you will never too old for learning!!

    Have a wonderful week,

  9. Thanks for sharing your design process. You are so right about referring to those quilting "bibles" that we all seem to have, regardless of which part of the process we are working on. It's no wonder that all aspects of your quilt work together so well.

    I have a question about the blue ruler that I see in one of the photos. I have never seen it before, and I think it would be helpful to me when I'm designing my boutis. Would you mind telling me who makes it, and perhaps where I could find it?
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. This is the Cotton Boll ruler I use :
      I have an identical one but measuring 50 cm (Clover this time) :
      Both rulers are indispensable to me.
      As for "La Couserie Créative", it is the place where I get most of the quilting supplies I do not find at my LQS.

    2. BTW? I think I should try Boutis one day... being French it's part of my heritage so it would be nice to learn the technique.

    3. Thanks for the info. If I can find them, I will likely get both of them as well.

      Regarding boutis, being a hand quilter, I think that learning boutis would be a natural for you. There are number of organizations in the south that plan annual exhibitions, as well as offer classes. Good luck!

  10. De précieux conseils pour avancer joliment dans le quilting de tes blocs.... Hum!!!! ça commence à sentir la fin si je ne me trompe.......

  11. i love this post David. And your books are my favorite too. I miss one in your collection. That is Gwen Marston's 'Quilting with Style' You will love it!


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