low tide.

These beautiful, warm days go fast. I am here and there, having friends coming and going while I'm here, spending time reading and swimming while I'm there. It is such a peaceful period when I can let my mind drift and reflect on the past year and start preparing the coming one.

Here, I love checking the plants and flowers in the garden early in the morning before it is too hot to stay outside. Then,  having  breakfast on the terrasse and later closing all the shutters to keep the house as cool as possible.

Summer is about noises too. Very early I awake with the chirping of the birds... Everything is so much alive. I also learn a bit about gardening. I helped picking potatoes last week and I watch the tomatoes, green beans, zucchinis, eggplants and green peppers grow every day.

I have also invited many friends and family over and I enjoy having time to prepare, plan my meals and not rush.

There, I enjoy the breeze.  Days are hot but nice. There, you can breathe and it's a relief from the suffocating air at home! Days are almost invariably the same : a swim in the morning and some time at the beach, some stitching in the afternoon and a long stroll with my wife in the evening along the marina. My daughters are busy with their friends, cousins and their books and seem to enjoy these long sunny days too.

I have just finished to read The Union Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini. I couldn't make any progress on this book last year and last week, I almost finished it in three days!!! There is definitely a period for things... I have loved the story!

At the beginning of summer, I had planned to stitch and quilt and finish many projects... but as the time goes, it seems like not much will be done and I don't mind! Having spent last summer working every single day from dawn to dusk on the house renovation, I just enjoy being able to do what I feel like doing. If not finished this summer, it will be next... maybe... it is not about productivity here!! I am no designer and have no deadlines... and that suits me well. I have made some progress on the Basket Quilt and have finished the yoyos though. I am now stitching beads on them.

 There, on the Meditteranean coast, I brought along a Stacy Nash project I am stitching on 40-count hand-dyed linen with hand-dyed silks. Pure bliss.


Here, I stitched part one of the new Stitch Me Club project on the recommended linen with the recommended threads. One over one cross-stitches make the piece so delicate. It is going to be a stitching accessory and you know how I like these stitched little treasures!!

About personal matters, I keep being inspired by Rhonda Hetzel's blog and book. I learn so many things from her and have put many into practice for more than a year now. It has not changed my life dramatically but all the little changes do make a real difference in the way we live, eat, clean, spend and save money. It brought what I wasn't expecting : a sense of control and liberty, the feeling that I am the one choosing my life and not following the social and media dictation of what is best for us!

I think it is probably time  to stop my rambling which is not of great interest for anyone. I do like writing things down though! I guess it's part of the process of being aware of my surroundings and counting my blessings.

Happy summer to you all and happy winter to my blog readers down under ;-)

 Until later, 


  1. Hello David, what a wonderful post full of simplicity and beauty. Enjoy the summer holidays with your beloved family and most importantly, enjoy the ability to relax each day. I remember last summer how busy you were with your renovations. Your photos are beautiful. We are enjoying a nice cosy cold winter by the woodfire and enjoying hearty casseroles and desserts. Ann

  2. Lovely blogpost, lovely projects. Enjoy the summer with family and friends!

  3. Profite bien de ces moments-bonheur avec famille et amis. Ils permettent de se ressourcer à fond et de se recentrer sur notre "essentiel"...
    Encore quelques jours à patienter pour être en mode zénitude !!! j'enclenche le compte à rebours.
    Tes ouvrages en cours sont splendides même si pour certains on ne distingue qu'un détail, j'imagine fort bien les merveilles qui vont naître.
    Je te souhaite un bel été,
    A tout bientôt,

  4. It is very warm here in Wales too. I loved reading your blog, you have a wonderful dreamy style of writing. Your yoyos are beautiful

  5. Lovely post David, a simple summer life sounds good! SN project looks good from what I can see, lovely fabrics.
    Will follow your new stitching project with interest.
    Have a prolongued summer, in fact send it on;)

  6. soothing post, wonderful stitching. I'm waiting for my supplies and chart to arrive. enjoy the summer.
    hugs and happy xxx,

  7. Merci pour ce post qui dégage tant de sérénité, profite du temps qui passe il est si précieux.
    Bel été à toi :) !

  8. I enjoyed your post very much. Your pictures are wonderful.

  9. Can't wait to see your Stacy Nash project.. Looks lovely ! Congrats on your finishing part 1 of the Club :-) Thanks for your post & enjoy your time out :-)

  10. Have a wonderful summer David...
    Kind regards

  11. Bonjour David,
    je lis votre blog depuis peu et je l'apprécie énormément : le style, l'élégance, tout ce qu'il induit et que je découvre lorsque je m'aventure entre les lignes. Si je ne vous ai pas encore dit merci, je l'ai fortement pensé, et j'ai plaisir à vous l'exprimer.

  12. Quel joli post, si serein comme vous semblez l être.. Ici aussi nous vivons derrière les volets clos et en mode "ralenti" le temps de ces derrières semaines nous obligent a nous poser un peu et comme cela fait du bien... Vos projets avancent doucement mais très certainement avec "Finesse " comme je les aiment..j ai hâte de découvrir votre sampleur de la fée...ici pas encore en vacances mais cela arrive bientôt ..enfin le plaisir de retrouver mes promenades et de lâcher prise avec la routine... Belles vacances et profitez bien

  13. Lovely post David, I'm glad you're all enjoying your summer so far.

    My little girl finishes her school year today and I am really looking forward to being able to let the days take their own pace

  14. Lovely post David!
    It so good to read your posts with the beautiful pictures!
    My child and grand child where here and I enjoy it.It's nice to spent some time with friends and family.
    Love the summer too, with the bird songs in the early morning , the swimming in the pool and the stitching in the afternoon!

    I wish you a lovely summer too,
    Kind regards, Evelyne

  15. As always David your post reflects peace and creativity. Along with the birds, it is the smell of jasmine through the open bedroom window that wakes me up each morning - so heady, really fabulous.
    Have a wonderful summer.

  16. Enjoyed reading you, David. We're in the middle of a heatwave here (37C right now!!), so I know what you mean about staying outside in the early hours and barricading against the heat during the day. And yes, enjoying your hobby at its own pace, without any stressing constraints - very important. Enjoy your projects, they're lovely.

  17. Je vous souhaite un bel été David et de jolies réalisations près du jardin..
    Je vous embrasse


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