QMC Part 3, London and a recipe.

It's been a long time since I last posted on my blog. I have been busy all that time. I spent 10 days in London during my spring break and this is the reason why I didn't go to the quilt show in Nantes this year.

First, I'd like to show  you the third part of the QMC project.
 All the challenge for me in the QMC project is to coordinate the fabrics so that everything will go well together in the end. This is a beautiful block. At first, I wanted to change the girl inside the medallion, but this quilt is for my daughter and she told me she liked the girl so I didn't change anything... that suited me perfectly well ;-)

Now, my trip to London... Well, it was fantastic and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I went to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A and I really recommend it.

A short walk from the flat I had rented was the Fashion and Textile London Museum and they had a special exhibition of  Kaffe Fasset's works. So I also went there.

On home decor, I completely fell in love with Rashel Ashwell's home furnishing. Her shop really reflects the atmosphere in her books.

I went to my favourite places : Notting Hill, Hampstead, but also discovered new places in the Eastend. It seems that many artists have found their home there and I saw different artist studios in the area.

London, is a place I often go to. I love the atmosphere, the energy there. But though I have been to london regularly for many years, I had never visited the Houses of Parliament before. This time I did. It was fascinating. That was just 10 days before the State Opening of Parliament which happens once a year. Knowing the places, I watched the ceremony yesterday with a different eye.

Well, you have guessed that it was a perfect holiday! And we got to see our cousins twice which was the "icing on the cake".

I am ready to leave home again for a week, but this time for work. If I find time before leaving on Sunday, I will upload photos of London to be posted everyday this coming week.

And last but not least, the recipe!

Having friends coming over on Friday for dinner, I tried  a new recipe yesterday to see if it was good enough for cooking it again for them. Test passed... it was delicious...so flavourful : Prawn Curry in Coconut Milk Emulsion. So, you know now, what I'm having for dinner on Friday.
This recipe comes from a magazine, but I cannot tell you which one, as it was given to my wife and I only have a teared page with no reference.

Ingredients :
800g of raw shelled prawns
2cm (less than 1 inch) of fresh ginger
1 garlic clove
1 shallot
1 tomato
1 lime juice
1/2 teaspoon caster sugar
1 lemongrass stalk
20 cl coconut milk
1 tablespoon sesame oil
fresh coriander (cilantro)
1 teaspoon curry powder.

  • Finely chop ginger, shallot and garlic. Set aside.
  • Quarter the tomato and remove the seeds and dice it.Set aside.
  • Put lemon juice, sugar, sliced lemongrass and coconut milk into a saucepan. Heat to a boil. Turn off the heat and let infuse for 5 minutes. Strain through a sieve. You get flavoured coconut milk, ready to emulsify.
  • In a stir-fry pan, warm the sesame oil, add ginger, shallot and garlic. Add the prawns. Stir. 
  • Add the curry and stir  until the prawns are cooked (don't overcook them)
  • Emulsify the coconut milk.
  • Put prawns into large bowls, pour emulsified coconut milk into the bowl, add diced tomato and coriander leaves.

Until later,


  1. Love the red! Sounds like your London trip was wonderful, so many neat places to see!

  2. London! I love London! Would love to see your pictures, inspiration for my next trip there. Thanks for sharing the recipe, really my kind of food, fish, Asian, spices, yummy! Love the blocks you made, the lighter house on the slightly darker background and the flowers.

  3. Hé bien, comme ta fille, j'aime assez la petite fille sur ton bloc et, décidément, j'aime vraiment beaucoup les couleurs de cet ouvrage !

    Je ne suis jamais allée à Londres... ni dans plein d'autres endroits d'ailleurs ! :-)
    Mais ton récit fait bien envie ! L'an prochain, c'est mon fils qui y part. Quel veinard !

    Merci pour la recette aussi ! C'est en vérité le mot "recipe" qui m'a attiré chez toi ! ;-)

    A très bientôt, David.

  4. That quilt is going to be beautiful and it sounds like your trip to London was wonderful. I'm going to have to try that recipe - it sounds so good.

  5. Wonderful applique David, I love the name Florette.
    Well you have given me some ideas about London, I never seem to get as far as Hampstead now.
    Your recipe sounds lovely, I have to try it without the shrimps (allergy).
    Have a good weekend!

  6. Lovely post..Have enjoyed every single bit of it.
    Your block is really special.I also go to London every year,and love it.Although my favourite region is Cheltenham and Costwolds.Will leave our terrible heat in Andalusia July and get some fresh air!
    have a guest one Sunday..Thank you for the menu!

  7. This block also looks beautiful, David! I am looking forward to see the whole top of this quilt, it's going to be gorgeous!
    I've been to London once, long time ago, for a week only, and I loved it! Hope one day I'll be able to return there for a longer time :-)

  8. Une belle suite pour ce Quilt mystère j adore ce tissu de fond q rappel le détail des paniers du bloc précédent.. Bravo pour la recette je la connaissais pour l avoir moi même noté dans un magazine chez le coiffeur.. Tes invites vont adorer ...ici en tous les cas ils ont aimés et cela fait un moment que je n'en ai pas fait alors ce sera au menu samedi soir..j attend s avec impatience tes photos de Londres j y suis allée une fois en échange scolaire et cela me tente d y retourner ..
    Bon week end et bonne soirée moi ce sera restaurant de poissons avec des amis de Rennes!

  9. WoW! So cute a block!
    I have sewn this too. :)
    Have a happy time.

  10. Wish I was coming for dinner. Sounds yummy.
    Looking forward to London pictures; there was more than I could ever have done on my one, brief, visit. As always, your quilting is beautiful.

  11. Lovely quilting! Glad you had a good time in London - I should try to get back there too, it's one of my favourite places :-)

  12. Love your new QMC block, it looks great! And what a coincidence to read about your trip to London: next Tuesday we will travel to London (for the first time) to spend a week there! The V&A and the Kaffe Fassett exhibition are on our must-see list, among a lot of other things. We'll be staying in a hotel in Paddington, right above Hyde Park. Looking forward to see this town!

  13. Superbe troisième partie... sincèrement, j'adore ton choix de tissus.
    Londres, c'est une ville que je rêve de visiter, je tanne mon époux pour que l'on s'y rende !!! Je tiens bon, je t'assure...
    Hum, ta recette est bien tentante, merci pour le partage.
    Bisxxx et bonne fin de week-end.

  14. I couldn't believe my luck that the Kaffe Fasset's exhibition was on when I only had a few days in London on our way to visit our daughter in Scotland. I thought the exhibition was well presented and there was so much of Kaffe's beautiful work to view.
    Your block is lovely and the girl is cute. From Jenny in Australia

  15. Quelle belle harmonie dans ton choix de couleurs.Et un troisième bloc réalisé avec perfection comme d'habitude.....J'ai hâte de voir ta quatrième partie car l'ensemble devrait être bluffant.....
    J'aimerai aussi un jour retourner à Londres. Une ville qui m'a beaucoup marqué et que j'adore.
    Merci aussi de partager avec nous ta petite recette qui m'a l'air bien sympathique. J'en prends note....
    Bon & doux dimanche.

  16. Finally got here :D Your QMC blocks are looking so cute with a great contrast with red x gray. Glad you saved that girl for your daughter, too! And better yet, your Prawn Curry (Is that Thai dish?) looks delish!! My favorite combination - Prawn and curry :)

  17. Hi David, last night I made your dish but with chicken filets, not shrimps. Delicious! Thanks very much for sharing this recipe.


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