London #7


  1. Nice again! I'd be interested to know what the area is in the lower set of pictures?

  2. Hi, happy to be back from a work week away from home and to be able to anwer your question.
    In the lower set of pictures you have 4 photos taken in different areas in Hampstead and the café scene (top right-hand corner) was taken at South Kensington.
    If you wonder where the country-like picture with the pond is, it's Kenwood House. You can see this place in the movie Notting Hill (film-shooting scene at the end).
    Hope I have answered your question.
    There are two more posts in the London series ;-)

  3. Merci pour ce reportage sur Londres et tes belles mosaïques!
    Je suis encore plus motivée à décider DH pour un petit séjour à Londres!
    Bisxxx et doux week-end.


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