Quilt Me Club part 2.

Fortunately it is sunny here today and I was able to take photos of the three blocks.  Working on these blocks was quite a challenge as I had decided to work with a totally different color palette. Yet,  inspired by the model, I used a floral fabric for 2 blocks... lots of thinking and fabric auditioning before finally starting cutting and sewing.

Anyway, I am having fun and I find this challenge quite rewarding as I like the result so far.

The appliqué block is really cute with the cat playing with a milk can... When I look at this block, images from a not-so-long-ago time at my grandparents' come to my mind. And as is often the case for me, memory comes back with smells and sounds... I can still smell the delicious aroma of a cake in the oven and the birds chirping outside with the cat trying to catch one of them.


The second block brings back fond memories too... when we went out for a picnic. In my family, picnic time meant summer, day at the beach on the Atlantic coast. And we usually had homemade quiches, sandwiches and  cakes. We had fruit cordial with water to drink and the adults had a good bottle of wine in the basket ;-)


By the way, don't you like the beautiful stitch that makes the words look so beautiful ? It's called felt stitch. It was new to me and I love it!!! I think I am going to use it in other projects.

The third block is a pieced one. I have used it to create some kind of balance and harmony with the blocks in part 1 using fabrics I had used in both part 1 and  2.  I  like how it turned out very much.
What do you think ? Do you like it too ?

 But I am sure you would like to have a look at all the blocks together, wouldn't you ? Well, here there are!


 And now, keeping with my one-thing-at-a-time resolution, I have decided to start part 3 immediately. I have already chosen the fabrics I will use but will probably change what's written and the medallion... but not sure yet what to do instead. Surprise....surprise...

Thank you all for the comments on my previous posts and welcome to all my new followers.

Until later,


  1. All the blocks are lovely, David - great work!

  2. Great work, David! Looks like you managed to balance the colours very well.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for part 3.

  3. Just beautiful! I love that the blocks can take you back to some fond memories. Isn't that a most wonderful thing about quilting and stitching?!


  4. So pretty!!
    I also placed an order for this.
    Because, your work was enviable. ;)

  5. C'est superbe, j'adore les petites histoires évoquées par les blocs !
    Felt stitch : il rend si bien, peux-tu nous en dire plus ?
    Bien amicalement,

    1. Felt stitch s'appelle point de feutre en français... un genre de point de bouclette à l'envers avec passage du fil dans la boucle... essaie de taper sur google et si tu ne trouves pas, je te montrerais à l'occasion.
      Merci de ton gentil message.

  6. Beautiful!!
    I love the fabrics you have chosen!

    Have a nice week, Evelyne

  7. Très beau David, j'adore!
    bonne soirée,


  8. OO I love the cat with milk so much!

  9. Really beautiful work!Your red fabrics give a lot of "alegría",light and joy, to your blocks.
    Very nice indeed.

  10. Hello David....just popping in to see what you have been up to...Those blocks are lovely and I do really like that felt stitch!

  11. Tes blocs sont superbes et donnent une belle harmonie.
    Ton quilt va être magnifique.

  12. I think your choice of fabric is the best of what I've seen for this quilt so far, David! Love it: calm, pleasant for the eyes...and the cat looks like my Patapouf :-)))

  13. It's just getting nicer and nicer with every block.

  14. C'est superbe ! Tout en douceur et en harmonie de couleurs....Cela nous promet un beau final !
    Bravo et bonne continuation !!

  15. super joli, tous les blocs sont harmonieux, ça va faire un superbe quilt, bravo, je fais aussi partie de l'aventure mais n'ai pas encore commencé..
    allez j'attend de voir la suite avec impatience ..
    bonne journée

  16. I love your choices and it is all coming together beautifully! I don't know the felt stitch, it looks really nice, will have to look up that one. Enjoy part 3!

  17. Wow, David, what a fabulous result ! I love the way you mixed in these delicate flower prints.
    I am happy the appliqué blocks are reminiscent of your childhood. They are for me !
    Enjoy your part 3 - I am working on it and have completed the appliqué blocks so far :-) Keep up the good work !

  18. Comment dire qu on ne les aime pas tous ces blocs.. Ils sont magnifiquement réalisés et toutes les couleurs se répondent en échos... Parfait comme toujours d'autant que notre amie /Sakae " en ai conquise au point de le faire.. Tu ne peux qu être ravi de ton ouvrage
    A très bientôt pour les avancées de tes ouvrages que je ne manquerai pas..nadine

  19. Comment ne pas être en admiration devant ces nouveaux blocs, ils sont réalisés avec précisions et dans des couleurs qui se font échos.. Un ouvrage magnifique, tu ne peut qu être heureux puisque même notre amie "Sakae" est conquise par ce projet que tu lui as donne envie de réaliser... Douce journée été à bientôt pour la suite de tes avancées que je ne serais manquer

  20. I love them all David, fabulous work. The felt stitch looks so good!
    Good to hear the sun is shining ;)
    Have a wonderful week!

  21. Je confirme que les couleurs forment une harmonie très .....classe !!!

  22. You're great and every time I pass by you I am speechless ...
    Your precision makes you really honor ...
    Wonderful choice of colors and combinations of fabrics.
    A hug and a kiss
    Love et bisous Ve

  23. Precioso!! como siempre.....ideal!!.Es una maravilla todo lo que haces. Un beso muy grande.

  24. I love your blocks, David. I also am impressed by the felt stitch, just gorgeous, I've never used it, need to go have a look on the how to.

    take care,
    Nancy in MT

  25. Quel travail impeccable !
    C'est vrai que le point de broderie utilisé est très joli.

  26. I thought I have left a comment about this beautiful BOM, especially impressed about Felt Stich. I haven't seen nor heard this stitch before, but it looks soooooo unique and pretty :) And your newest pieced block is looking nice with some red in the center which helps refraining the rest of the blocks.

  27. I like so much the red/pink and grey mix !! Your blocks are really fine and we are in the country just as we see them !!
    We are waiting the following ones !!

  28. Oh, yes, they bring back memories to me too! I love your colourscheme. The stitch for the words is very nice, I shall have to investigate that one. It is lovely how the last block combines the colours. All together they look fabulous!

  29. I like it! Wonderful combination of colors and fabrics.

  30. Dès le premier bloc, j'ai pensé que ton top serait réussi. Tu confirmes avec ces nouveaux blocs et notamment celui avec le chat, mon préféré.
    Merci pour ce joli retour en arrière qui m' a rappele la bonne odeur et le gout delicieux de la tasse de lait chaud chez mes grands parents... ma sœur et moi adorions aller acheter le lait au fermier chaque fin d'après midi, pour mes grands parents. Le pichet etait vert pomme... que de souvenirs, tres simples mais si bons...

  31. pichet vert pomme ou gris clair! j'en possede un des 2 à present! ;-)
    tres belle harmonie!! je ne trouve pas cela facile du tout sur un patch mystère!

    quant au point de feutre ma foi je n'ai pas tout bien saisi alors je suis restée sur ma solution de facilité... mais je vais à nouveau regarder sur google en tapant felt au lieu de feutre..
    tres curieuse de voir ta suite!

  32. Your blocks are beautiful, I look forward to seeing the next section

  33. C'est superbe, David ! Mais je crois que je me répète... ;-)

  34. Magnifique ta version ! j'adore ces coloris, bravo !!!

  35. Hi David,
    I just discovered your blog (googling Yoko Saito) and I love it! It is very special.Everything you make is so beautiful. Reading your posts is like talking to a kind and thoughtful friend..
    From now on I'll be following your adventures in stitching.


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