what a journey!


What a journey these past few months have been!

I want to thank you all for your comments and e-mails, your encouragement and support along the way.

Last week was the beginning of the two-week fall break in French schools and  I spent a few days on the Mediterranean coast to finally get some rest.  I find it always rejuvenating to watch the sea and listen to the waves, to hike along the coast and enjoy  time with my family. We all needed this little break.

Fall has now come and it is a time to cosy up at home. A time I particularly enjoy because I can stitch and quilt. And prepare the holiday season.

 I  have several projects I'm working on at the moment, but yesterday, I preferred working on something different : making a pillow that would go well with the other embroidered pillows I bought two weeks ago at Ikea. Now that the renovation is over, the decoration has begun ;-)

As you can see, the colors of the Ikea pillow helped me choose fabrics in my stash for this block.
Today, I'm quilting it and hopefully tomorrow, the pillow will be finished.

It's good to be back.

Until later,


  1. David, it is good to see you back! I love your wall hanging and it looks great with the pillows. Be well my friend.

  2. Hello David,
    It is too good to see you back as well as to look at again your beautiful works and inspirational pictures :))
    Happy stitching!

  3. Hello David, I'm so glad you got to take a vacation and unwind. Your stitching as always inspires. Well wishes to you and yours.

  4. Good to see you back David and all is well! Lovely pillow!
    Have a good week:))

  5. How lovely to have you back! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures and project.
    Hope all is well now.

  6. It's great to see you post again - I hope that everything's back to being ok. You've made a lovely pillow.

  7. Welcome back! Your getaway to the coast must have helped you a lot to be refreshed. That new pillow block looks very pretty and chic. I'm having a lazy Sunday today, but your post is making me to feel like I better pick up my project to move forward!!

  8. It's even better to have you back again. Always enjoy reading your blogs.

  9. Oh, c'est bon de te lire de nouveau !
    Ton coussin est splendide (je devrais dire tes coussins !), j'aime beaucoup les tonalités.
    Bisxxx et douce soirée

  10. So good to see you blogging again and I am happy that you and your family were able to get away to find rest. We just have to do that at times.

    What a gorgeous block that you have done to go with your pillow. It's just a work of art!

    Don't ya just love Ikea? I love that place :)


  11. You are back! So glad to read you again :-) Yes, I find ocean to be very calming too, we are lucky to live near Kurnell, Captain Cook's landing place in Australia - I love to go there and walk along the high cliffs when I need physical or mental rest..Anyway, your patchwork pillow will be gorgeous!

  12. So relieved to hear from you again and see your lovely work.

  13. Your choice of fabrics look wonderful in the block design you chose. Welcome back.

  14. It is good to see you again. Your vacation pictures are refreshing. Your pieced pillow top and the pillow from Ikea go well together. I love to see your work.

  15. Great to have you back, David. I hope things are all going well again. I look forward to following your autumn and winter works.

  16. Hi David,
    I am happy to see you back:)
    Hope things are better now and that you will have many nice projects to enjoy.
    Love the beautiful photos, love the sea too.
    And what heavenly pillow you have quilted, looks very pretty with IKEA´s pillow, Love that one.
    Take care and have a lovely day,

  17. Bonjour David, quelle joie de te lire à nouveau .
    Merci pour cette vue du petit port de Collioure , c'est un lieu où j'aime à me rendre en We avec mon mari ... la balade le long des remparts est toujours agréable m^me en hiver .
    J'aime aussi beaucoup les tons de tes tissus .. tes coussins patch vont être beaux !
    A bientôt de te lire
    merci pour cet article

  18. What a lovely surprise to finally read your blog again ! I LOVE the atmosphere in your coastal pics, so soothing ! I guess they are the reflection of what's inside you after the trials. You are right : we all need some time away to get back to ourselves.
    I am HAPPY for you !
    Enjoy your time, your family and your needle :-)
    And you made my day today : it is so good to have you back ! Thanks !!!!!

  19. Bonjour David,
    Quelle joie de te relire et de voir que tu vas mieux.....
    Tes petites vacances avec ta famille ont du te faire un bien fou.
    Ton oreiller sera en parfaite harmonie avec l'autre oreiller....C'est ça qui est sympa aussi après les travaux la déco et ça j'adore.....
    Bonne fin d'après-midi.....Moi, je file enfiler mes basket pour un petit footing et après je pourrai prendre mes aiguilles.

  20. Lovely photos and projects. You inspire me. I haven't posted in a very long time... too many losses; but I'm on the mend, and am encouraged by your post. Peace, b

  21. I'm glade to see you back.The fabrics for the blocks of your cushion are perfect!
    I always love to see your work and your pictures.
    Have an nice holiday.

  22. Welcome back!!
    It is pleasure that I look at the wonderful photograph and work of you.
    I am wishing your pillow is successful!! :D

  23. Wonderful to see a blogpost from you again, welcome back!
    You did great taking inspiration from the Ikea pillows, it really does go well together.

  24. David, I was so thrilled to read your latest Blog and feel that the sound of the sea and the support of so many of us out in Blogland must have given you much inspiration for all your latest projects. Your blog showing your work is always such a joy - stay happy! x

  25. So very glad that you are back. The wall hanging and pillow are so perfect together. I have missed your travel photos.

  26. Delighted to have you back with us, you've been missed, David. Good to know that you are still feeling creative too!

  27. Quelle joie d'avoir de tes nouvelles David.... et tu nous reviens avec de jolis projets et de superbes photos..... Bon retour !!!

  28. Welcome back David. and how! with a treat of beautiful pictures and your pillow will become a beauty.

  29. Contente de te lire de nouveau. Ton patch est superbe...

  30. Heureuse, vraiment, de te retrouver David. Je crois reconnaître Collioure, un si beau village en effet...
    La création permet de surmonter les aléas de la vie, alors bon patch et à bientôt !

  31. Dear David!, I am so glad you are back, in good spirits and with new projects!!
    We missed you!!!!

  32. David, comme je suis contente de te lire ! De retour parmi nous, enfin ! :-)
    Ah, Collioure ! Souvenirs de belles vacances, de jolies marches aussi dans les collines, ou au bord de la mer, dans les petites criques... Écouter le chant des vagues, sentir le soleil chaud... et se mâcher les fesses sur les galets ! ;-) Mais c'était drôlement bien !
    Bravo pour ton nouveau quilt ! Élégant, comme d'habitude. J'aime beaucoup !
    A très vite !

  33. Je découvre aujourd'hui votre magnifique blog, et vos photos de vacances me rappellent tant de souvenir, je connais bien ce petit port...

  34. Contente dé vous lire à nouveau.. Vos photos Sont super jolies... Bisous bisous

  35. et bien voilà j'ai raté plusieurs post je vais revoir les newsletter .. j'aime beaucoup ton bloc avec ces couleurs superbe

  36. David, I've had you and your family in my prayers since your last blog post. I'm so glad to see you back and stitching again.

    I agree, there is nothing better than the sea for relaxation, reflection and restoration. I could listen to the ocean all day long.

    I love all your gorgeous projects and am loving that wall hanging!!!


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