Do you want to take a walk with me ?

It's good to be back and to write again on this blog. The past summer was very busy and not much was done on my quilting and stitching projects but a lot was done on the renovation front!!!!

This morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day. My wife and I decided to go out for a walk in the country. I took my camera with me so I could share a few photos with you. Do you want to come along ?

This is the end of summer and everything is so dry!!!! Farmers are harvesting dried sunflowers. Fields are brown. Only  the river banks are still green.

A new  year has just begun... It's like taking a new path... Where will it take me? I'll see....

The renovation is almost finished.... New windows, hardwood floors, beautiful oak staircase, a wood burning stove...  I'm happy with the result.

Even the toilets are nice now!

The booksehelves are still empty, though... All the books are on the bed of the guest bedroom!!! Wall and ceiling lights needs to be hung.... as well as the sliding doors which have nothing to do in front of the bookshelves... But soon everything will find its right place ;-)

For the curtains, I am waiting for the fabric to arrive...

 My wife and daughters are musicians and they start learning the piano. So a new instrument has find its way into our home. My wife has been playing the guitar for a very long time, my oldest daughter is a flutist and the youngest a clarinetist. Many instruments are played here every day... which suits me well as I love music but cannot play an instrument.

 My studio/ work office is completely finished... it was a priority as it is the place where I also prepare the classes for my students. On one side of this room is the desk with the computer (not photographed) and on the other side is my craft desk : my creative corner.

There are many projects I am working on  and I am very happy to work on them again. Here's a new one I LOVE : tent stitch on 40 count!!! Pure bliss ;-)

There are also many fabrics which are just waiting for me to turn them into quilt tops or quilted projects... 

... as well as quilt tops waiting to be handquilted...

So it is going to be a fun and creative year!! and if I don't know what to do next, I have books to inspire me ;-)

Until later,


  1. How lovely to read your Blog again David - you have indeed been busy with rewarding results in your home. It all looks so fresh. There are never enough hours in the day for us all to create as much as we would wish, but with "your girls" playing their music and your gorgeous fabric tempting you I am sure you will find a way. Happy Autumn!

  2. I was waiting for your blog.
    Your wonderful house and Photograph, needlework...
    Oh! tent stitch on 40 count!!
    It cannot keep waiting for me!
    Have a nice time!! :DD

  3. Welcome back!

    It is so nice to look at your pictures and to read your post again :)

    Your touches made a significant change into your house! Very well done!

    Piano gives a cozy atmosphere too! It seems its your turn to complete the family quartet by playing piano!

    Hope everything goes as planned and new path- new year brings only good things to you and to your family!

    Happy Autumn;)

  4. I think that this is my favorite time of the year for walks and liked seeing your world on your walk. Sounds like you've had a lot going on this summer, but see that you have some wonderful projects set up for the fall. There is nothing better than working on quilting or stitching when it's cold outside!

  5. It is good to have a visit with you again.
    You have had a most productive summer. Enjoyed seeing the pictures from the walk.

  6. Une bien jolie balade dans ta campagne... et chez toi.... bonne rentrée... et bon chemin pour cette année ! bizzz

  7. Hello David, I enjoyed reading your lovely post and taking a walk with you and your wife. Your renovations are so beautiful, the paint colours are perfect and your staircase is stunning. You took some amazing pictures. Wishing you much creativity with your lovely fabrics and yes the samper is a joy to stitch. All the best for your new school year and I hope you and your family have many years of enjoyment in your 'new' home. Please take pictures of your wood fire and curtains :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos :-) I wish I could come to France in the autumn. I have visited only in summer.

  9. Thank you for a beautiful walk, David! Your post is so inspiring, and I can see you could not resist L'Atelier Perdu project :-)

  10. Thanks for sharing your walk and the renovation pictures - your home looks beautiful, especially your "den". Very nice stitching too :-)

  11. Merci pour cette jolie promenade dans la campagne et dans ton nouveau "sweet home" !!
    Alors, maintenant, je vais de souhaiter plein d'agréables petits points pendant tes périodes de pause:)

  12. What a lovely stroll...and your home is so beautiful and inviting! Your WIP is going to be stunning, I can tell!

  13. How exciting to have the renovations almost completed. Sounds like you have many creative projects to also work on in the coming months.

  14. The paint colours are perfect! The staircase is amazing! I love the sampler too and will stitch it also soon! You did a great job!

  15. Merci David pour cette belle balade dans ton petit univers et profite bien de ta maison joliment rénovée durant l'été.

  16. Lovely and inspiring. Thanks for sharing the fruits of your work and photos from your stroll. As a friend of mine always says "life is good.". Enjoy!

  17. Bonjour,
    Les balades en belle saison sont toujours source de joie !
    Votre nouvelle maison prends forme ... le rangement demande pas mal de reflexion en avant pour être parfait !
    Votre coin travail et broderie/patch est calme serein ... et si les notes de musique l'égayent quelle bonne ambiance !
    Dans ma maison j'aime aussi à entendre ma fille au piano ,mon mari le soir à la guitare ... cela rythme bien mes aiguillées !
    Bonne continuation

  18. Good job, David ! Your home looks awesome, I love the details. I guess you are going to love being back to your needles and all your projects !

  19. Welcome back. Your summer has been productive. I can hardly wait to see what comes out of your craft room next.

  20. Mince alors, j'ai loupé plusieurs posts !!! Je suis bien contente de te retrouver, c'est toujours un plaisir que de te lire.
    J'aime beaucoup ton atelier, il est bien agencé et lumineux, c'est nécessaire pour mener à bien tous tes projets... et avec les tissus que j'aperçois, une petite merveille va bientôt naître de tes mains. J'ai hâte de l'admirer.
    Bisxxx et bon dimanche en famille avec tes musiciennes préférées.

  21. I enjoyed taking the walk with you and your house is looking lovely now the renovations are about finished. I hope you find lots of inspiration in your den.

  22. Love all the plain white with accents of books and fabric. Your house looks amazing. Much quilting inspiration to be had there.

  23. What a beautiful pictures David. Especially picture 6. It's perfect, the bokeh, composition and the lines. I love your sewing area too!

  24. J'adore les promenades aussi, merci pour celle-là, David !
    Les travaux... me rappellent les nôtres qui n'avancent pas. Donc, je n'en parlerai pas ! ;-)
    Enfin si ! Juste pour dire que c'est bien joli, chez toi!
    Quant à tes ouvrages en cours, je vais suivre tout ça, tu t'en doutes.
    A très bientôt, David, et... Welcome back !

  25. Oh les jolis chardons, mais attention qui s'y frotte s'y pique....


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