3 fantastic books and a bit of frustration in the coming months...

Today, I'd like to show you the three books I have on my nightstand. They are all VERY inspiring.

This book by Annette Gero is a real treasure : stunning photos, never before seen quilts, full of information about Australian patchwork quilts from convict times to 1960.
It also has patterns of 29 of the heritage quilts designed by Kim McLean. It is definitely a must-have!

This book by  Brigitte Giblin is also very inspiring with many reinterpreted traditional quilts. The exhibition in Nantes was wonderful and I keep looking at the quilts in the book. Some of them have made their entry in my to-do list ;-)

 And finally Kathy Doughty's book. Not only are the quilts amazing but the book is also filled with tips about color, designing a quilt and many stories about the birth of each quilt.

I made the Sunburst block in class with Kathy. This will be a small wall hanging. I will next make the big Sunburst quilt. I also dream of making the quilt on the cover.

As I mentioned in the title, I am a bit frustrated these days. All my quilting stuff has been packed 10 days ago because I have started a major home renovation. So there are piles of boxes everywhere and I have neither space nor time for any quilting or stitching these days... and it's going to last a little while. Not mentioning the dust and noise!! As I am doing part of it myself,  I know that most of my summer vacation will be spent painting!!! It is fun though and very nice to do the last part of my house renovation and to know that it is going to be just as I dreamt it would be.

Yet, I'll try to get some sewing done when I feel like it. So, my plan this weekend is to sort a few WIPs  and store them with my sewing basics into one box I can have access to and if I have still some energy in the evening, I'll grab my fabrics and needles.

I will not be posting a lot in the coming months but will be reading your blogs from time to time. And if I manage to have a few blocks finished, I'll post a few photos.

Until later,


  1. Hello David...what an interesting post...I found out not long ago that my friend went to school with Annette. When I went to visit my friend Annette was going to try and come over and we were going to go to a quilt show but unfortunately Annette couldn't make it at that time...my friend still sees her from time to time....

    The other interesting thing is that my mother lived next door to a lady ...this lady was from France and she has moved back there and Brigitte is her daughter! You never know...Brigitte may make a trip over there!

    Good luck with your renovations...I know they take a lot of time and effort...Dzintra

  2. Good luck David in the comming months. Good thing that you've got some basics in a box, you would go bonkers otherwise. Not to quilt for months...... Brr. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Ouf... j'ai eu peur en lisant le titre... j'ai cru que tu étais frustré à cause du contenu de ces livres.... quand j'ai vu les livres en question j'ai bien compris que ce ne pouvait être ça !!!! Nous avons craqué sur les mêmes expos !!!!! Je comprend tout maintenant et tu n'as plus qu'à prendre ton mal en patience.... mais quel bonheur après !!!! bizzzz

    1. En effet, tu as raison!! Je vais modifier un peu le titre ;-) C'est sûr qu'après ce ne sera que du bonheur...

  4. Beaucoup de courage pour ces mois prochains mais je sais qu'ensuite tu pourras t'en donner à coeur joie vu les multiples projets qui t'attendent en patchwork et le bonheur de travailler dans ton nouvel intérieur!
    Merci pour ce post intéressant et à très bientôt donc

  5. It's a good idea to sort your quilting projects, maybe you have a few minutes left and quilting a little bit. It's good for your mind and the painting goes much better.
    I put the books on my wish list.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Success for the next months!
    have a great week-end, Evelyne

  6. Beaucoup, beaucoup de courage pour les mois à venir mais quel bonheur pour vous tous lorsque votre maison sera telle que vous la rêviez :-)
    Quelle bonne idée de tenir à ta disposition dans un cartons spécial quelques projets en cours : cela te permettra lorsque tu auras un peu de temps libre de t'y consacrer un peu:-)
    Je vais aller voir de plus près les livres dont tu nous parles mais d'après ce que tu nous en dis, ce sont des "must-have"!
    Très beau week-end,

  7. Beautiful books, very inspiring!
    Good luck with the renovation, I know what that is like and doing a bit ourselves at the moment. I too have everything in boxes and it's a nightmare but when "it's done and dusted" you will be working in a very pleasant atmosphere:))
    Have a sunny weekend:))

  8. Wonderful books David. All the best with your renovating, I hope all goes well and according to plan. Hopefully you will have a little time for relaxation. I look forward to more of your posts later on. (ps. I took the plunge and ordered the Reiko Kato 'Sue & Billy' book with some Japanese background fabrics!!!

  9. Wishing you success with your renovation. Enjoyed the post. My stitching has to take second place to gardening this season, but I try to fit some in whenever possible.

  10. Courage David pour ces quelques mois pénibles dans les peintures.....Mais après vous serez tous heureux de votre petit "home sweet home" douillet comme vous le vouliez.....

  11. The Fabric of Society is a wonderful book. I got mine 2 Xmas ago. I must look out for Brigette's book. Great books for the coffee table when there's no time to sew.

  12. All the best with your renovation, David - I'm sure you'll be very pleased with it at the end :-)

  13. I can imagine it is difficult that everything is not in its place right now and you cannot do what you like to do and make. The books are beautiful. I managed to buy the 'Fabric of society' saturday and pick it up to read a lot of times a day, lovely book. And all those patterns.. a real bonus.
    A lot of succes with your home makeover.

  14. I entirely agree about the Brigitte Giblin book. I bought a signed copy at the quilt store where Lynette Anderson's workshop was held.

    Pity you won't have so much time for stitching, but just imagine how wonderful your house will look when you're done.

    Nonetheless looking forward to what you come up with next.

    And, oh, yes, I love your Quilt Me Club blocks!

  15. Those books look wonderful for inspiration just to see how they combine their fabrics along with the traditional look of the quilts. I love Brigit's style. Good luck with the renovation of your home. Hopefully it will all go along smoothly and won't take up your entire summer.

  16. think that when all the work has been done, all your quilts and things will look wonderful and you will feel happy in your new space!!
    good luck

  17. Those really do look like wonderful books and I will have to check them out! Thank you for sharing these with us.

    We had a kitchen remodel last year and it was a nightmare, but oh so nice when it was all done. I hope your renovations go well with you! Have a wonderful summer.


  18. I have the Fabric of Society book, a wonderful book, and being in Australia, I have seen some of the quilts. The other 2 books are on my wish list. Good luck with your renovations, which while happening can be tiresome but worth it in the end. I would love to see photos of your renovation progress; home decor, DYI projects and gardens are another interests of mine.

  19. HI David...been there, done that with the renovations and it isn't pretty. You might want to try doing one of the hexagon quilts from Brigitte's book as they can be done on your lap. They are also easy to pick up and carry on making without much brain power so you still feel creative while renovating.
    Thanks for joining my class, I have been wondering how you are going with your new colours! kathy

  20. Do not leave your needlework aside while renvating your house ! We would miss it so much ! Maybe you can blog a little on your home improvement as well, we would love to see your new colors :-) Good luck with your renovation :-)

  21. Good luck with your decorating, I think your plan with your wips sounds very sensible.

  22. Good luck for the next few months. A renewed home, just as you dream/want will be a charming frame for your future needleworks.

  23. Good luck for the next few months.
    You will enjoy your renewed home and it will be a charming frame for your future needleworks.

  24. Bonjour David! You should start the mary Tolman quilt! We can be making it at the same time..once you fussy-cut the hexagons its very easy! And I have no spare time either - I have a house full of books to sell. Bonne chances avec les travaux. Amicalement Brigitte Giblin

    1. I am definitely thinking of making hexagons in the evenings to relax a bit...the Mary Tolman's quilt is a great idea. I was trying to get ideas from your book to make a medaillon quilt with UFO blocks I have and I love... I'll see whether I will use the hexagon for this quilt or the Mary Tolman's...

  25. I almost have the same three books, Fabric of society I got as a birthday present a wile back I just recd Nest and have ordered Kathy's book just waiting for it to arrive.
    Your little house is lovely,


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