Can you hear the birds chirping in the morning ?

Unfortunately, not yet!

Spring is not far away though!

So to make the wait shorter I decided to sew a pillow with a bird...

... chirping happilly on a tree branch...

... waiting, like me, for the first blooming flowers.

Wool Bird Appliqué Pillow
by : Maggi Bononomi (Pattern in Buttonwood Farm book)

I am very happy also with the fabric I chose for the back. It is a Japanese Yarn-Dye.

And you know what ? Maggi is coming to France and will give 3 workshops. Isn't it great ?

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your lovely comments in my previous post.

Until later,


  1. Tout simplement superbe David, j'adore!
    Une très bonne journée,

    Isabelle C.

  2. Oh !! ce coussin est trop mignon avec ce joli oiseau !! bravo à toi, j'aime beaucoup.
    Alors ici, on a vraiment l'impression que le Printemps arrive, le soleil brille et les températures sont très douces:-)
    Bien amicalement,

  3. Loveley cushion with the bird. I do hear a lot of birds already and it feels like spring here! I already worked in the garden a few times. I hope you will hear the birds soon. Your previous post was full of unbelievable beautiful items. That must have been a wonderful time you had there.

  4. Gorgeous cushion David and I am happy for you that Maggie is doing some workshops in France! The birds are all hiding here in their nests as the weather cools down as Autumn is here. Have a nice weekend and I also just loved the pictures in your last post! Ann

  5. Adorable ! Here in Burgundy, the birds are already chirping away in the garden :-) They sure enjoy the warm temperatures !

  6. Oh yes we can hear the birds chirping and the blossom is out!! Your bird is gorgeous, love it, the backing is fabulous.
    Maggie's workshops must be a delight to attend!
    Have a fine weekend:)

  7. Oh que j'adore ton coussin so country !!!

  8. Very cute pillow - yes, it's time for spring to come!

  9. country à souhait...tes lainages semblent de très belle qualité :-) je file voir le site du salon de Nantes.
    bon week-end , j'espère que tu pourras entendre les oiseaux chantaient :-)

  10. Beautiful work David! This pattern is on my to-do list. I just love Maggie!!

    Your work is inspiring!


  11. It looks beautiful!

    I've started to hear the birds early in the morning - some new ones that I've never heard before - they call out to each other - the male with a lower call and the female with a higher one in answer to him. I don't know what they are as I've never heard them before, but I know that they're a sign of Spring.

  12. Great wool pillow... enjoy your Maggie workshops.

  13. Love that Maggie pattern! I've been wanting to make it but haven't got around to it!

  14. Superbe coussin pour attendre chaleureusement le printemps.
    J'aime beaucoup les créations de Maggie Bonanomi
    Je me suis inscrite à son premier cours prévu au Salon de Nantes.
    Bonne fin de semaine

    1. Nous nous croiserons peut-être au salon. moi, je suis inscrit au dernier (Pique aiguilles)

  15. Love your wool bird pillow! The backing fabric is perfect, too!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for the tip! Using my black quilting thread was perfect for a primitive look ;-)

  16. Voilà une très belle ode au printemps !!!
    j'aime beaucoup ce style .. et le travail du lainage est très agréable !
    Un stage avec M Bononomi quelle chance !
    bon WE !

  17. Wonderful pictures of a beautiful pillow! Your wife is lucky !

  18. Il est superbe, tes lainages sont très beaux...

  19. What a beautiful pillow you have made, David! The colours are lovely and so is the stitching.

  20. Hello David, I just found your blog, so glad I did. I love Maggie B's designs, wonderful stitching on the pillow and beautiful choice of fabric and wools.

    Nancy in MT, USA

  21. Un coussin "so country" comme j'aime......


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