Back home.

After a week with my students visiting London, Oxford and Windsor, I am finally back home and have a two-week break.

I didn't have much time for myself while in London but could pick up the March issue of Country Living which I usually buy here in France and also found the Farrow&Ball book Living With Color.

It is the only paint brand I use in my house and as I am about to start some major renovation work, I thought it could be inspirational though I have already chosen the colors I will use. I will see if I will stick to my first choices or if the book will make me change my mind ;-)

As soon as I reached home, my wife told me that a few big envelopes had arrived for me. First was the house number plaque that I had won at Ann's blog giveaway. Thank you very much Ann. This Ramsign plaque is absolutely gorgeous!

On the second enveloppe was a handmade fabric heart I also won at Lhise's blog giveaway. Thank you Lhise. It is lovely and it has found its place in my workroom.

Finally, the lastest issue of Simply Vintage was here too!!! Great reports, great projects! It is a fantastic magazine for country lovers.

Now that the suitcase is unpacked, I am ready to start finishing Thistlewood. That will keep me busy for the next few days... and I shall soon have a new finish to post about ;-)

Until later,


  1. Lovely magazine, and Farrow & Ball is favorite in my house too! Lovely present from Ann, and the heart is appropriate one this month. Simply Vintage looks fab, shame it's only in French!
    Good luck with Thistlewood. is looking good:)

  2. Glad to hear that you are safe home after a week of London. Enjoy your two weeks off. You are lucky with the presents you won!

  3. It sounds as if you had a very busy time in London, David.

    Lovely goodies you have got there.

  4. How many news and gifts! And envy for having two weeks off. I love these magazines but I am not easy to acquire.

  5. Lots of fun reading and gifts!
    Two weeks off is a great way to get Thestlewood done and maybe even more stitching. Looking forward to your finish.

  6. Looks like your trip to London was very productive as far as shopping! Good for you :) I've heard Simply Vintage magazine is another wonderful one. And congratulations to your wins! What a lucky duck you are!! Enjoy your spring break.

  7. Oh !! mais dis-moi David, c'est super de rentrer à la maison, de retrouver sa petite famille et de recevoir en plus, plein de cadeaux :-))
    Tous ces magazines me semblent bien sympathiques et tu vas pouvoir les lire en dégustant un bon petit thé au miel :-)
    Très belle soirée à tous les quatre,

  8. Hi David, what wonderful gifts you had waiting for you on your return home! The sign and heart look so beautiful. Lovely magazines! Enjoy your break.

  9. Ta BAL s'est joliment remplie durant ton absence....J'ai pris le "simply vintage" hier à l'AEF et je le trouve à souhait en gros j'adore.

  10. I had seen the new magazine on Quiltmania's website and all of us here hope it will come in English soon.

  11. Chouette retour d'un voyage qui ne devait pas l'être moins ! Quelles classes as-tu emmenées ? Tes élèves ont dû se régaler !
    Vas-tu à Nantes cette année ?


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