Coup de coeur...

You don't always know why but there are things you like VERY much. When I discovered what Aurélia Ducrocq creates, it was love at first sight. She makes decorative and useful items that have this typical Frenchness I like very much. It has the feeling of antique stuff. It reminds me of my schoolroom when I was a kid and brings back treasured times at my grandparents' when I see watering cans and birds on the pieces of linen. It also brings back to mind the smells of this past time and especially the ones of the cakes in the stove and the soup simmering. Just don't know why, but it feels good...

You can visit her blog or her shop of ephemeral creations by clicking on the names.

Though it is different from what I usually do in stitches or quilting, I made a pencil case and a key holder with Aurélia last year.

As it is often the case in summertime I am going to many different places. This year, I haven't been abroad and have enjoyed different regions of France instead. After the ocean coast, the Mediterranean coast, I will now spend a few days in Burgundy before going hiking in the Pyrenees.

In between, I am home, gardening, cooking, reading and spending blissful family time. Though, it might not be worth mentioning, I spend quite a lot of time preparing new lessons and projects for next school year too!

And of course, I also stitch and quilt a lot... which means that I will have a few stitched and quilted bits and pieces to share with you sometime soon ;-)

As for the books, I finished One Day by David Nicholls last week and liked it very much. For my French readers, it has been translated into French and it is now available. I have ordered it for my wife because she doesn't read books in English.

And I am now reading The Union Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini and I still don't understand why the series has not been translated in French for those who cannot read English.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great family time in this blissful period when the routine is over and you can find some quality time for others, for you and your soul, trying not to forget the infinite treasure that life and love are.

Until later,


  1. Hello David...what a beautiful post you have written re the infinite treasure that life and love are...really makes me stop and think...I have Jennifers book next to read...I am thoroughly loving this series and all that I learn from the books...Kind regards, Dzintra

  2. Un bien joli de coup de coeur David :-)
    Ton été s'annonce bien agréable avec toute ta petite famille entre tes découvertes et tes lectures.
    Bien Amicalement,

  3. Aurélia's blog looks pure bliss and will have a good browse there today, thanks for the link. Like the pencil case!
    Your choice of books look fabulous! A fine summing up about Love & Life and will take that to heart:))
    Have a wonderful family holiday, the hiking sounds fabulous too:)

  4. coucou David!!
    je viens de faire le grand tour de ton blog ; vraiment un maitre tu es!!!
    Le panier est superbe!!

  5. Hello David, what a beautifully written post, this is so true Life and Love are the reasons for our being. Continue to enjoy your holidays with your lovely family and you are such a thoughtful husband to buy the book for your wife in French. I wish you and your family all the best that life has to offer and thank you from me for a wonderful inspiring blog, your words are uplifting and heartfelt. Now I am going to visit Aurelia's blog!

  6. Those are really pretty, David! Enjoy your family time.

  7. Oui, moi aussi j'aimerais que les livres de Jennifer Chiaverini soient traduits.
    Bon, je me les tenterai peut-être en anglais... un de ces jours ! ;-)


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