Back from Burgundi.

It was a short but fantastic trip to Burgundi. There are so many things to see. The food is good, the wines are awesome... but there's more. Do you want to know ? Well, you will have to read the whole post to discover it. ;-)

Here are several images of Burgundi captured through my Iphone lens.

I visited a mustard manufacturer in Beaune : the famous Moutarderie Fallot. We were explained the story of the Burgundi/Dijon mustard. How it is made. We even tried to make some and finished the visit with a mustard tasting. That was really fun!!!

I also visited several vineyards and met a few wine makers who explained how they worked. We visited the vaulted cellars and seeing so many bottles was simply AMAZING!!! We tasted a few wines and brought back a few bottles home too. But no photos, as I was too busy tasting!!!!

We visited two abbayes. The Abbaye de Citeaux and the Abbaye de Fontenay which is my most favourite visit with the Hospices de Beaune. Breathtaking!!! A not-to-be-missed visit if you travel in the area.

I also went there.
I guess that by now you know where I went.

Yes, I went to Born To Quilt and spend a few hours there.

Véronique was waiting for us and it was fantastic to see this place for real. You walk along the cottage to enter the garden where the quilt shop stands at the far end. Behind the quilt shop, there are pastures and cows grazing... very bucolic and pastoral.

At first, you can hardly believe that someone dared set up a business in such a remote place. It is not even a village, just a cluster of houses, a "hameau" as we call it in French. It is very country-like all around.

As soon as you walk through the gate, the magic starts. You enter the quilt world of Born To Quilt.

Véronique and Lizzy welcomed us warmly. We immediately started talking about the Mystery Quilt which I had with me.

Before looking at the quilt, I took a tour of the quilt shop which is full of fabrics and items to die for. Then, Véronique offered us tea and we sat in the garden and drank tea and chatted for a while. After that, we looked at my Mystery Quilt2 version and Véronique showed me her Mystery Quilts 1 and 2. Awesome!!! They are even more beautiful in real!

Here are a few photos...

I did my best to bring you back these pictures, all taken with my Iphone. It was sometimes very annoying not to have my camera with me but my daughter arrives from Oregon on Thursday and she brings back the camera with her ;-)

Until later,


  1. Fantastic pictures David,am impressed with the quality of the iPhone. I love the Beaune rooftops, such beautiful patterns, saw them some years back and left the camera home:(
    We have just returned from the quilt show and missed Vero, can imagine you spend quite some time there:))

  2. Merci pour ce très agréable reportage et ma foi, je trouve que la qualité de tes photos avec ton Iphone est très bonne....

  3. Idyllic setting for a quiltshop! How can you fail to be inspired here?

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures....and a warm and inviting quilt store....PERFECT !!!


  5. The most beautiful photographs and post David. We had just watched a documentary on the wine region in Burgundy, and I thought of you travelling enjoying visiting Born to Quilt. Thank you so much David for sharing this experience.

  6. Wonderful photographs. Beautiful places to go. Thank you for showing them to me.

  7. De très belles photos David pour nous faire partager ce beau reportage sur la Bourgogne que je connais bien...Et dire que je n'ai jamais fait les hospices de Beaune...
    Ah!!! le petit magasin de Véro un vrai bonheur lorsqu'on y rentre et très difficile de ne pas craquer....
    Bon dimanche.

  8. What a fantastic trip and great photos. I SOOO want to visit Born to Quilt! I missed her at the Festival of Quilts this week, her stand last year was amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  9. Ooooohh!!! I am looking forward to visiting Burgundi some day!! I promised it to Veronique when we were together in Seville last June. And now, after your information about the area, I can't hardly wait!!! Thanks for your photos!

  10. J'aurais lu la note jusqu'au bout de toute façon... Mais dès que j'ai lu "Bourgogne", j'ai su ! Je me suis dit : "Le veinard, il est allé chez Véro !" ;-)
    Merci de partager ce moment avec nous, David ! Quel bonheur ! :-)

  11. Bonjour David,
    Tu as fait un superbe reportage. Cela nous fait voyager nous aussi, comme la France est belle !
    Tu as du te régaler au pays de Véro, du country dès que tu arrives, en fait que du bonheur !
    Une très bonne journée,
    A bientôt,
    Isabelle C. (PEXIORA)

  12. Quelle jolie balade ! La France regorge de jolis coins de campagne, il suffit de suivre quelques chemins de traverse... Mais quand ce chemin te mène vers "Born to Quit", ça c'est aussi le bonheur !!

  13. La Bourgogne est un pays que j'aime beaucoup. Souvenirs de vendanges estudiantines... Et puis, nous y passons à chaque fois que nous remontons du Sud-Ouest pour aller voir la famille en Lorraine ; mais nous n'avons jamais pris le temps de nous y arrêter pour visiter. Hélas, ça ne sera pas encore pour cette année...
    Tes photos sont belles, malgré l'Iphone ! Merci de les avoir partagées avec nous.

  14. Merci pour ce beau reportage sur cette jolie Bourgogne - forcément j'aime beaucoup cette région :-)
    La prochaine fois, tu feras un petit détour par le Brionnais, y'a un atelier 'perdu' ! LOL

  15. Beautiful pictures from your holiday, even taken with your i-phone. I can almost feel the atmosphere there. Very nice to have been in the reel born to quilt shop!

  16. I made +- the same trip 2 weeks before you!
    We missed the moutarderie Fallot (but bought plenty of different tastes,delicious!), Fontenay is amazing and gorgious and of course Born to Quilt is "la cerise sur le gâteau"!!
    Impossible de ne pas craquer pour de ses une créations country...


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