Summer is here.

Today, we celebrate the first day of summer in France. This is "La Fête de la Musique" and everywhere in France, in big cities as well as in small villages, people, old and young, will play music outside... all kind of music. It is going to be a great evening.

This morning, I walked around my garden and enjoyed the blooming flowers. I especially like the color of the hydrangea.

Want a closer look ?

The garden is so beautiful these days... So I decided to surprise my wife with a nice country bouquet of flowers. I cut flowers and a few branches of this and that and it imediately created a lovely atmosphere on our terrace table.

Well, You might think, by now, that it has nothing to do with stitching. So, let's talk about it.

I am finishing the Lady Jane Garden basket and accessories by Jackie Du Plessis. What was the most difficult part for me is now almost finished. It's the pocket with gussets which has a padded front and which will be added to the inside of the stitched needle case. As usual, I am a bit long but it is for a good cause : finishing it nicely and making it one of my Antique of the Future.

Like many of you, I have several summer projects on my to-do list. This summer, I plan to stitch two samplers.

The first one is Tribute to Summer by Stacy Nash. I am waiting for my linen and silks to arrive.

The second one is Hillside Travelers by LHN. Here are the coton threads.

Finally, I have decided to do the Stitch Me club 2011 of Nataliejo from L'Atelier Perdu. Though I hesitated because I have so many projects in my stash already, it was impossible not to participate to a fun club from one of my favorite designers.

I wish you all a wonderful summer (and those in the southern hemisphere a beautiful and cosy winter). I will try to post from time to time. So let's keep in touch...

Until later,


  1. So glad to hear your summer is there and do have a lovely evening, we should copy the French on these events, sounds wonderful. Your hydrangea looks fantastic and a lovely bunch of flowers, your wife will be delighted:))
    Oh I can see the difficulty in Jackie's Lady Jane, but am sure you will make it perfect. I do struggle sometime to finish it all after the stitching.
    I will be surfing for all your upcoming projects but won't be tempted lol.
    Have a great summer with your family:)

  2. Hi there - glad I found your blog; it's great. Especially loved the quilting exhibition photos a few posts ago. Deeply gorgeous quilts there and lots of inspiration.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you celebrate the first day of Summer in France. Your garden looks wonderful and warm. What a beautiful bunch of flowers for your wife. I have also signed up to participate in Natalie's "Stitch Me Club 2011", I am looking forward to starting. The threads for Hillside Travellers are stunning! Enjoy your Summer with your family and thanks for thinking of us freezing down here in Australia!!!

  4. Magnifique été à toi, David !
    Et pour ma part, je reste connectée... ;-)

  5. Happy Summer! You have some great plans, and well done on the JdP project!

  6. Your summer bouquet is beautiful and I see that your summer will be busy and full of very cute projects . I belong too to the nataliejo mystery stitching .
    The first part is very nice and I wonder when I will begin because of the amount of my UFO .

  7. Un très beau bouquet 100% nature pour ton épouse.....
    A ce que je vois nous avons deux projet en commun pour cet été. Le "Stitsh me club" de Nataliejo et la grille de LHN "Travelers Hillside" J'attend mes fils pour pouvoir le commencer...
    Passes un bel été auprès de ta famille.

  8. Those are beautiful Samplers that you have chosen. Enjoy your Summer Days with your family, from Jenny McH (in cold Australia)


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