Shizuko Kuroha

Shizuko Kuroha is an extraordinary lady. She is always smiling. The exhibition of her quilts was breathtaking. You could feel the soul that she puts into her quilts.

She uses old fabrics that bear many stories in them and Shizuko Kuroha wrote another page in their lives.

I am really sorry not to have better pictures of the quilts but I was so absorbed by their beauty that I did not pay attention to the quality of the photos.

Light and sparkling stars seem to illuminate the quilts.

Below is the model of the quilt I worked on at the class I attended. It was not a class about technique but about the approach of fabric, about expressing yourself, expressing your soul...pleasing your soul.

It is not something you really learn though, as it is something you will have to discover by yourself. But Shizuko pointed us the way, showed us which paths we could take but didn't give us the map... we have to find our own way into the forest of our feelings.

Shizuko keeps every tiny single piece of fabric into rolls for future creations.

I think I have found the courage to draw my own map of my quilting world and for that I want to thank Shizuko Kuroha.

Until later,


  1. Je pense que vous avez passé un moment assez unique avec Shizuko Kuroha. Arrivée très tôt le premier jour de l'ouverture du salon, je suis tout de suite allée voir ses quilts.......superbes bien sûr ! Puis je suis allée la voir (assez intimidée). Une petite dame qui a assisté à son cours parlait, avec la traductrice, d'un monsieur ému pendant le cours. J'ai tout de suite pensé que c'était vous ! J'ai fait dédicacer mon livre (si jolie dédicace calligraphiée !!!), je suis en train de le lire et c'est un régal.
    Je pense vous avoir aperçu en famille à l'heure du déjeuner à l'espace pique-nique mais nous ne nous connaissons pas alors j'ai passé mon chemin ;-) lol!

  2. I have been looking forward to reports from your trip! It is so wonderful to see the work of a master. Those rolls of fabric seem to me to be like rocks waiting to be made into diamonds. The quilt you were working on is so beautiful. Did she show you how she quilts? Thank you for letting us take part in your experience!

  3. What a wonderful quilt show. Your quilt is also wonderful, lucky you to have had a class from such a wonderful artist. Mary

  4. David, you have such a beautiful way of taking us along with you. You are a very sensitive person, and it shows through your words. And I love it :-) Thank you for sharing your emotions - your inner feelings are our own little 'sparkling stars'.

  5. Thank you for sharing the pictures and tales of your trip. It sounds like a very unique experience - I don't know if I would find my way so easily afterwards, but it must be wonderful to achieve that.

  6. Somptueux, je crois que l’on peut utiliser ce mot.
    Le modernisme et le raffinement définissent les ouvrages de SHIZUKA KUROHA, des œuvres d’art à elles toutes seules.
    Cela a du être un vrai bonheur de partager ces moments avec elle, j’en suis heureuse pour toi.
    Merci encore,
    Isabelle C. (PEXIORA)

  7. c'est juste parfait...
    On reste comme des dindes devant cette perfection!
    Bises David!!
    moi aussi je file mes reste une face!!

  8. Hi David!
    Fantastic photos of the quilts and other works of Shizuko Kuroha. Thanks for sharing.
    I've known through Patchwork Simply Belen, and I love your photos. From now follow.

  9. Hello David, what a beautiful heartfelt post that really relayed what making a quilt means. The quilt you are working on it stunning. Wonderful pictures. Ann

  10. Thanks for showing us how lovely it was in Nantes!

    That quilt is going to be awesome in your version, I'm sure. Do share when you have something to show.

  11. I haven't seen her work in person, but do remember her in kimono when she appeared to one of the quilt tv show in Japan some time ago. As a Japanese person, who have been away from home country for nearly 20 years now, her works remind me of my old memories of my childhood with grandparents. Nostalgic may be the word?

  12. j'ai également été très impressionnée par cette dame et son travail : un monde emprunt de sérénité...un peu comme le tien :-)

  13. David voici un beau témoignage de notre journée avec Shizuko, tu as une très belle plume et ta description de cette artiste et de sa philosophie de travail est à mon sens totalement exact. A travers ce post je retrouve toute la douceur et l'émotion de cette merveilleuse Grande Dame.
    Merci David pour cette page et tes conseils à Nantes... à bientôt j'espère dans un autre cours

  14. I am in awe of Shizuko and have met her a couple of times in Tokyo. i have even been to her shop which is in her house. How I envy you being able to do a worksop with her.
    I love workking in those traditional fabrics.
    Do you want to see my video?

  15. Fantastici lavori!!!!
    Teresa B.


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