Sheep Hug

You remember that before leaving for Nantes I had started a quilted project.

As soon as I came back, I decided to finish it before working on Yoko Saito's basket. I knew that Yoko's basket would take me all my attention and while having fun working on it I would not be able to work on another project at the same time....Sooooo, I finsihed it and am now doing the appliqués on the basket.

Want to see the Sheep Hug pouch which was designed by Natalie from L'Atelier Perdu ?

All my Valdani threads are stored in it now :-))

I have another pouch which will soon be finished but I still have one side to stitch. More about it when it is finished.

The pre-stitching for Jackie Du Plessis's finishing online class is complete. I really enjoyed stitching the queen stitches. I am now waiting for the wooden basket and accessories. The finishing class starts on May 16.

I can tell you that I am having so much fun working on Yoko's basket!! And I never go to bed without watching and touching the beautiful antique indigos from Shizuko ;-)

Until later,


  1. Encore un très beau modèle de Nathalie que tu as merveilleusement réalisé....

  2. Just **LOVE** your pictures !!!
    Enjoy your progress on Yoko's basket :-)

  3. I have just been reading all your latest post about Nantes! oh!!! you must have been in heaven! the two courses you took, and you met so many brilliant designers and the exhibitions! I love Jan Patek. Oh, David, how wonderful! I am sure it has been wonderful for you, I am so glad.
    and this pouch by Nataliejo is so cute!!!

  4. Beautiful pouch, David - congratulations!

  5. Déjà fini ! Bravooo ! Moi j'en suis encore à l'assemblage du devant ;-)
    Trop mimi, ce modèle !

  6. Ton pochon est vraiment très chouette ! Bravo !

  7. Love the bag! It's perfect for holding your Valdani!

  8. beautiful, I love the bag, your blog is lovely!!
    have a wonderful weekend

  9. Ce modèle est vraiment joli, tu l'as parfaitement réalisé.

  10. C'est une très belle réalisation !

  11. Bonsoir David,
    Ton bel ouvrage ma donné des envies, donc j'ai passé commande!
    Une très bonne soirée,
    Isabelle C. (PEXIORA)


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