Happy Mother's Day.

It is today in France!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums reading my blog.

I wish you all a wonderful week,

Until later,


  1. merci David,
    j'ai passé une simple mais belle journée avec mes enfants et mon mari...le bonheur sur terre. J'espère qu'il en a été de même pour toi.

  2. Thanks David, I've always thought that Mother's Day in France was the same as ours in Holland, the second Sunday in May...You're never too old to learn..

  3. Thank you David !! It is very nice. I was in my house "dans le Gers" but without my children !!!
    I hope you had a beautiful warm day with your family .

  4. Thank you David, Happy Mother's Day to your family as well. Our Mother's Day in Australia is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. What a beautiful vase of flowers.

  5. Merci pour les fleurs, David ! :-)


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