It's a period when I have very little time for my hobbies. This is the reason why I don't post very often these days as I don't make much progress.

Nevertheless, I thought it would be nice to share with you what I have been doing lately.

When I came back from the Quiltmania quiltshow, I thought it was time to finish a project that only needed a few hours of work.

Do you know what this project is? Do you like the colonial knots stitched with an overdyed thread on the pouch handle? They were hard to stitch... but I really love the result!
I also love the fact that there are two different fabrics covering the zipper.
It's a project by Yoko Saito that I started a while ago. I still need to quilt the two sides of the pouch and to sew them to the zipper gusset which is completely finished.

I am also (slowly) working on Yoko's basket. I started the project in class with Yoko Saito. I am now doing the appliqués on the last side of the basket and hope to do the embroideries today.

I really love this project and, at the same time, am a bit afraid at the challenging finishing of the basket. I'll go slowly as I want it to be neatly finished.

A second challenging finishing is waiting for me to have some time. Here again, I am waiting to have two complete days off ahead of me to start. Do you remember the online class with Jackie Du Plessis ? I had finished the stitching part last month. The basket and all finishing supplies arrived last week.

Well, I am really excited by such a beautiful design! Love it, love it, love it...

I wish you all a wonderful week and hope to be able to show you these projects finished soon.

Until later,


  1. Hi David! Your work is stunning, absolutely beautiful. The fabrics you are using are so nice and I am amazed at your talent. One day I would like to make a Yoko Saito design. Your Jackie Du Plessis basket is going to be very nice. Well done!!

  2. Que de belles choses !!! Un gros faible pour le premier ouvrage... alors j'ai hâte de le voir fini !!! Bon courage pour la fin d'année scolaire :-)
    PS : j'oubliais ! Trop mignon le minuscule panier Shaker !!

  3. A wonderful designer is Yoko Saito, and your work is just stunning David, it looks so serene:) I wonder if she sells in Birmingham in August this year, will have to look out for her designs.
    Good to see Lady Jane's progress, gorgeous!!

  4. Your yoko saito's pouch and basket are already looking very nice. I can imagine you want it to be precise, I think that is also part of the beauty of all her work don't you think? I love the colours, it reminds me now of the books I have from Yoko.I only think the projects are a bit ambitious.

  5. Que de jolis ouvrages en cours.... bravo !

  6. I recognized her "taupe world" right away! (Any prize? lol)How fun you have been working away with those gorgeous projects and they are beautifully finished! Amazing! I found myself not good at working on such smalls any more as I learned I do need a lot of patient to make those fine work. But I still admire seeing them and respect you who can finish them so nicely... I wish I could do that, too!! Very inspiring :)

  7. De très beaux ouvrages qui progressent très bien.....Beaucoup de minuties dans ton travail , je ne peux qu'admirer....Bon courage pour ta fin d'année scolaire qui doit être très prenante....

  8. I love you're blog !!! Great projects and beautiful writing hope you don' t mind that I put you in my bloglist.. best Regards, Irene

  9. And you don't have much time, lol? That looks like a whole lot done, Davis, and it's all exquisite! Look forward to seeing the JdP assembled, it looks wonderful.

  10. Everything looks really promising, David!
    I hope you finish soon and show it to us!
    I have very little time to stitch myself. Let's hope things change and we find the time
    meanwhile, all the best!!

  11. Fin et délicat, c'est très beau ! J'ai hâte de voir tes ouvrages terminés !
    Une très bonne fin de semaine,
    Isabelle c. (PEXIORA)

  12. Everything looks beautiful David. Looking forward to see them finished.


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