I have spent this rainy Sunday working at my computer and I haven't had time to touch a needle! But now I'm all done with my work and will indulge in stitching for a few hours tonight.

I have two projects on my table. The first one was started a few weeks ago but needs a few more stitching hours to be completed. It is a project by Nataliejo from L'Atelier Perdu. I have changed the inside square design and have picked my own colours and fabric.

The other project is a long awaited one! I was so willing to take a class with Jackie Du Plessis. This is an online class and the project is called Lady Jane's Garden. Last weekend, I had zig-zagged the edges of my linen cuts to be ready. The class started on Monday but I haven't started stitching yet as I wanted to finish the quilt top. So tonight, this is what I'm going to do : stitch my first piece on this lovely project :-))

Until later,


  1. Les tons de ta future pochette de nataliejo sont très beaux, j'aime beaucoup.
    Deux beaux ouvrages, d'un raffinement et d'une élégance parfaits !

  2. Gorgeous fabrics David, especially the one with the houses on it, would you reveal where it's from? fabulous. The stitching is gorgeous too:))
    Good luck with Lady Jane, you will love doing this I am sure and will follow your progress closely:))

  3. Lovely projects David, I especially like the fabric with the red houses on it, as Bertie asked also ~ PLEASE reveal where it is from? We have a red roof and how nice it would be to add that fabric in a quilt for my home. Your Lady Jane kit is stunning, lovely threads you have and the linen is very nice.

  4. Both great looking projects David..

  5. Very pretty projects, both of them!

  6. Hello Bertie and Ann,
    The fabric with the houses on is a Daiwabo from the collection Taupe-ism (produced by JUNKO MATSUDA). The reference number is : TS11418 S
    It is not new, though...

    Thank you all for your comments ;-)

  7. Beautiful projects! Lucky you getting to take the Lady Jane piece from Jackie, you will love it!

  8. fiberworks-heine.com Daiwabo TS11418-A

    Thanks David, I found the fabric at the link above! Thank you so much David! Hope you like it Bertie. Kind regards, Ann

  9. Thank you so much David, will now have a look and like Ann will love it!!

  10. Bonsoir David,
    J'aime beaucoup les créations de NathalieJo qui sont pleines de délicatesse. Les tissus que tu as choisi sont très beaux et forment un coordonné parfait.Ton autre ouvrage est tout aussi beau !
    J'ai hâte de les voir terminés!
    Une très bonne soirée,
    Isabelle C.(PEXIORA)

  11. Tu vas te régaler, les créations de Jackie sont d'une finesse...
    Pour Nantes, j'y vais le samedi (en groupe), donc c'est partie remise ;-)
    Tu nous montreras tes cours ? Ca va être génial !

  12. Je vais redire ... mais les tons des tissus choisis sont superbes !
    De plus ils collent parfaitement au style de l'ouvrage !
    bonne soirée

  13. You are having a lot of fun there! I've taken Jackie's online class a few years ago with a different project and had learned some good techniques. I'm not really a detailed oriented person, so it was like learning disciplines for myself!! Enjoy your weekend :)


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