Stacy Nash's Spotted Hare Pinkeep Drum

This is truly the most beautiful gift I could have received!!!

When asked what I would like for father's day I mentioned the beautiful "finished goods" Stacy Nash was offering on her website!
The first project I was interested in was sold already and so I chose the Pinkeep Drum.

It has now arrived and I'm in awe!! What a beautiful primitive piece!!! I love everything!!! The carrots, the drum, the stitching, the way the linen is aged... Everything!!! Bliss!

So, in the next few months, you can expect to see a few other projects that I will stitch this time! I have found everything I need to age my finished pieces and I have also found silk matka!
If you don't know what silk matka is, click on Stacy's name to be redirected to her blog where you can read her post about it!

But here come the photos!!!

Wish you all a blissful summer,
Until later,


  1. What a beautiful Father's Day gift! And even more, we can get to see your new projects!!

  2. Wow love it David...the carrots great..looking forward to see your new projects

  3. O c'est rigolo , ce sont des carottes de luxe ..

  4. You lucky boy! I love those carrots, David, isn't she clever?
    Have you finished school for summer yet? Enjoyyour holidays!

  5. Thanks for your comments Merumo, Erna, Claire and Sue.
    Sue,I have almost finished school!!! Being a member of an exam jury I have one more session to attend on Friday afternoon and then I will be on vacation!!! But my head is buzzing with new ideas and projects I'd like to do with my students so I still have a lot of preparation work to do before September!!! But don't worry, I will stitch, quilt and read like crazy all summer!!! And BTW, I will attend CA's Sunday classes in November ;-))

  6. Waouh ! quel magnifique cadeau de Fête des Pères ! tout est splendide... ooooh, les carottes, j'adore !
    Je te souhaite un bel été.

  7. You've chosen a beautiful, charming piece! I want to stitch one of her drums sometime.

  8. Quel joli cadeau pour la fête des Papas : et puis, les carottes sont vraiment adorables !!!
    Je vous souhaite à tous les quatre un très bel été ,

  9. superbe,superbe, bel été à vous David

  10. Hello David, Just came across your blog. Enjoy the Father's Day present. Happy Days.

  11. très joli cadeau de la part de tes filles :-)
    Bel et heureux été à toute la famille !

  12. Ah je vois que l'on peut maintenant laisser son nom et URL, c'est beaucoup plus facile ainsi!...J'adore ton pinkeep et les carottes qui l'accompagnent!

  13. Oh I love your carrots !!!! Very beautiful !!!!


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