Stitching discoveries

When I started stitching, I only stiched samplers but blogland opened up a new whole world of possibilities in stitching. I saw many different stitched objects on blogs and googled the names of the designers to discover their works. It was really impressive. First of all, I discovered Judy Odell's website "Just A Tought" and started immediately a first project. It was the Accordion Needle Book and thanks to step by step clear explanations with photos, my first finish was easier than I expected.

I had thought it was completely out of reach and I discovered I could do it... and I haven't stopped since then!!! Here are two projects designed by Judy I did through her online classes. But above all, the most important thing is that I "met" many wonderful people, ready to help.

I was hooked and found other designers. One of them was CA Wells. Unfortunately, the only means to attend a class with CA Wells was to go to London where she teaches every year. I often go to London to visit family and friends, so two years ago, I decided to attend my first two classes : Mermaid's purse and Garden Steps

Last November, I attended two other classes : Nantucket Cottage and Chocolate Box.

What to say ? It was wonderful to learn so many things and above all to meet people who share the same passion.

The last class I attended was with Merry Cox when she did her first online class last year : Americana Sewing Case. And again, I learnt many things I didn't know or even heard of.

What am I stitching now, you may wonder ? Well, I have a long project which is the Lady's Cabinet from Judy Odell. And I also stitch the wonderful scissors holder "Follow your heart" created by Nataliejo from L'Atelier Perdu who is a very talented new French designer. She has 3 creations right now in her shop and each one is gorgeous!!! Just have a look and you'll see...

And you, what project are you stitching ?


  1. You pick up new skills very quickly. Your examples are exquisite.

  2. Alors là, tu me fais rougir ! me faire figurer dans une liste de créatrices aussi prestigieuses, je suis loin de leur arriver à la cheville ;-)
    En tout cas, bravo pour tous ces petits accessoires, ils sont superbement réalisés ! et je comprends que tu sois devenu accro à ce genre de choses, c'est tellement joli ! Et en plus, tu me fais envie avec le Nantucket Cottage, faut pas que je le laisse dépérir dans un coin, il est trop beau !!!

  3. Hi David,

    I just found your blog through Isa's. Remember one of the Italians in London? C'est moi! I'm delighted that you've started blogging, and it's great to see all your wonderful work. Cheers


  4. Je vs decouvre par Marie Claude, et je vais revenir, vs faites des merveilles!!! bises

  5. Hello David t'avais laissé un message et je crois que j'ai du faire une mauvaise manip car je ne le vois pas : so sorry !!
    Je te disais que j'étais en admiration devant tes accessoires brodés :-))

  6. Mon message est bien passé donc je le continue ici : j'ai bien sûr un faible pour les accessoires de CA Wells mais j'avoue que j'aime aussi beaucoup celui de merry Cox.
    En tout cas , tu les brodes et les finis divinement :-))

  7. Well it is so good to see that someone finished the chocolate box!! but I will do that soon too, promise, it was such a lovely class and good to meet you there.

  8. Wahou !!!
    Es-tu vraiment un homme ? Je suis scotchée !!!!
    Tu as vraiment brodé tous ces trésors ? J'adore !!! Notamment, l'ensemble hornbook (je vais essayer de trouver où acheter cet ouvrage !)
    Bravo. Tout est magnifique.
    Bonne continuation.


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