Quilting and the Japanese quilters

Country quilting is very interesting from the Japanese point of view. I have been fascinated by the works of Yoko Saito and Reiko Kato. They use taupe colors and many textured fabrics in their appliqués. Both these fabrics and the quilting give dimension to their quilts. They work by hand. Their quilts, pouches and objects are hand-pieced, hand-appliquéed and hand-quilted. This is great for me because I don't feel comfortable behind my sewing machine!!!
A few years ago I made a small wall quilt which was designed by Yoko Saito. I still love this quilt.

Yet my technique was not very good. And last September I had the opportunity to attend a class with Reiko Kato!!! How wonderful! I learned how to appliqué tiny pieces, how to hand-quilt small pieces without a frame, how to make small pouches and quilted objects. I made this little purse.

In early February, I took a second class and I made a little basket. I finsihed it today!!!

Do you like quilted objects ?


  1. Bravo David!!
    C'est toujours aussi beau !!!

  2. Your work is just divine ! makes me feel like starting a Japanese project right away ;-)

  3. David, everything you show us is so wonderful !!
    Ton quilt est vraiment très beau et les deux accessoires.....pretty, pretty nice :-))
    Comme toi, je raffole des tissus texturés qui donnent beaucoup de vie aux quilts :-)

  4. Je découvre le blog grâce à " Les secrets de Marie " .
    C'est superbe , je passerai très souvent par ici !!

  5. ce blog est aussi beau qu'il semble bon!!! humm! un régal pour les yeux, on peut dés lors imaginer la table du chef!


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