Don't buy anything...

A friend of mine had a baby last October and I asked her whether she needed anything so I could buy a useful present. She immediately answered that she needed nothing but if I could stitch something for her baby, that would be the best present she could have.
There are so many people who don't really appreciate handmade things that I was happy to hear that!
Of course, I answered. Do you have something in mind ? No, she replied. Anything will do , as long as you do it.
Well... I did it.
The baby is a baby girl and so I picked up a pinkish linen, silk threads, a piece of fabric, skirtex, batting and a chart from CMonMonde.There are cross-stitches over one, Rhodes stitches, colonial knots, and tent stiches over one.

She can hang it in her room, on a closet door or wherever she likes.
She was too young to say anything but she smiled all day today, so I guess she likes it...

Here's the back with one of my favourite Japanese fabric.

Do you like it too?
Until later,


  1. I want to congratulate you for your works and your page. I hope we see more of your nice works soon.

  2. Lovely !! No wonder she kept smiling all day ;-)

  3. C'est adorable et oh ! combien je comprends qu'elle l'ait aimé .
    Vraiment j'aime beaucoup:-)

  4. Yes, I like it and I would be extremely pleased if someone gave it to me. :-)

  5. It's absolutely charming, and so well made - what a perfect gift for a new little girl.

  6. C'est une très belle idée pour un cadeau naissance, ce sera très déco dans la chambre d'Alba!

  7. What a lovey finish and how nice to have someone who likes and appreciates handmade gifts.

  8. lovely finish, David. I know that both Mom and daughter will treasure it always.

  9. Thanks everyone for posting a comment! Welcome to the new readers. I still have plenty of projects to share with you...

  10. Lovely David, you are such an accomplished stitcher and make people very happy indeed.


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